20A020 The Bogus Plague of 2020 by Jim Davies, 5/19/2020  


Nothing is fake about the savage restrictions on free action and business that have been imposed by governments, but as a serious medical problem, Covid-19 is completely bogus. I will prove that here not with any medical knowledge, but from their own published counts of its impact as shown by Worldometer: an elegantly presented rats'-nest of lies.

Fishiness first came to my notice as March ended: Italy had reported 178 deaths per million (DPM) while the very comparable nation of Japan showed only 0.4. That's a ratio of 445 to 1 and is clearly impossible, for the same virus attacking the same species at nearly the same time in similar nations.

Today, six weeks later, those figures have risen to 529 and 6, or 88 to 1 - also completely impossible by two orders of magnitude even though time has elapsed for any "flattening of the curves" to have taken full effect. One or both of them is lying.

Similar grotesque inconsistencies apply to whole groups of countries. Take Western Europe and North America (WENA); 30 countries in the First World. At this writing they show an average DPM of 291. The whole of the rest of the world (183 nations, 89% of its population) report only 9.2, or 31.5 times less. Not possible; WENA governments are lying (or they all are, but see below.)

Take 13 countries in the British Commonwealth, whose civil administration is likely to be as efficient as any: they report a DPM 10.8 times less than WENA. Or take those that border China, where it began, where one might expect a high count; they report 14.9 times less than WENA.

Then take China itself: the DPM is 3.1 or 94 times less than WENA; it says the outbreak is finished and that visitors are welcome, so that 3.1 may best indicate the true severity of C-19 - though because all the figures are published by liars, nobody knows which, if any, are true.

However, the PRC government would not invite visitors unless it was quite sure that allegedly-infectious foreigners would bring it no problem; so they know that C-19 is no big deal, probably because they know that everyone in China has been infected already and so is immune. Impressions that the bug was confined to Wuhan city are incorrect; it reached Shanghai, hence everywhere else. Had it (as some say) been confined to such cities, everyone outside them would still be vulnerable.

I understand that any bug runs out of targets when 70 to 90% of a population is immune. Call it 80%, or 1.2 billion people, which is 2 to the power of 30; so in the first ~70 days of 2020 the infections in China doubled every (70/30=) 2.33 days. Even faster than the rate of 3 to 4 days often suggested.

Left to itself, therefore, this virus would have infected 330 million Americans by the end of April, but with much less ill effect than the flu. "Social distancing" may have slowed it, but by now we've virtually all been infected and the bug has ended its run, so reports of "new cases" are also false.

That leaves the questions of How and Why.

How this massive, 30-nation program of lying has been operated is simple: in the US around 225,000 die every month, from all causes. So it's easy: as all those death notices reach government counting offices (eg CDC) a few of them are "accidentally" mis-classified as C-19 deaths. Did the 30 conspire to do this? - maybe. Their frequent contacts in the G-20 group make that child's play.

It helps that a "Covid-19 present" flag must be recorded on all death reports. It also helps that the FedGov is shipping $13,000 of your money to hospitals every time they admit a patient classified as Covid. Pay more for X, get more of X.

Why they lie is also easy to see once we understand the nature of government. Their whole purpose is to increase their power, their grip over people in their domains. Since their number is always small relative to those they control, in H L Mencken's words “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” In 2001 it was the long-provoked 9/11 attacks, followed by the savagery of the Patriot Act. This year it's the Bogus Plague.

Why WENA, though, especially? - because discontent there is rife, and the sheep need to be ordered back in line, intimidated, taught again how vital it is to trust and obey government. Italy is torn by the strain of far too many immigrants. Spain, by demands in Catalonia for secession. France, by Yellow Vesters protesting Macron's socialism and, again, by far too much immigration. Germany, likewise; and the UK, by three years of grinding Brexit delay imposed by Parliament. In the USA, the Trump Revolution is often misguided, but it clearly expresses dissatisfaction with government as usual. So all these peasants are revolting. Show them who's boss.

Proof of this "Why" is provided by the fact that all governments' policies (house arrests, business closures...) are based on figures the governments themselves generate. It's a closed loop. They invent the counts to scare the population, then they choose how much devastation to rain upon it.

After this is over and the economic wreckage is repaired, there will always be another hobgoblin... for as long as government persists. It's a permanent enemy. The only fix is to end it altogether.

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