20A034 The Great Covid Swindle  by Jim Davies, 8/25/2020  


Today's edition offers another perspective on the Covid-19 deception; a shorter version of it is posted to the Net here. It does not at all replace them but rather supplements the reasoning shown in No Big Deal, The Bogus Plague of 2020, and others flagged under Recent ZGBlogs.

This view of it begins with the "official" claim that the virus originated in China and was taken by visitors - mainly there on business - back to their home countries, mostly during February 2020. Its main assumption is that the number of such infectious carriers is roughly proportional to the trade volumes being done with China, which is shown (for 2017) in this table of the top twenty - and so that the initial wave of deaths resulting would also correspond to the trade volumes.

So a few weeks later in April, all viruses being indiscriminate infectors, the deaths in each of those countries should be roughly proportional to the trade done; "roughly" because, in part, of differing policies of suppression to delay infections. I made this chart of the reported result; trade in $B is shown by the green bars and the reported deaths, in hundreds, by the red ones:

As clearly seen there is no proportionality whatever, between the red and green bars; there is simply zero correlation. The US, EU and Canada (almost identical to membership in NATO) have significant reported deaths (red) but all 17 others are virtually invisible on this scale.

Therefore, the reports are a pack of lies.

The Wuhan Bug may very well have followed visitors back home, and infected residents there in proportion to trade volumes, but if so the NATO countries have published resulting deaths grossly in excess of the true ones, bearing no relationship to them at all.

Then I took the reports for the same countries of deaths per million (DPM) at the end of July, by when all delaying policies had been overcome so that virtually all residents were infected (almost always, without harm.) If this were a natural phenomenon, those DPM rates should all approximate to the same level. Here is the result; the green bars are shown for reference - though, by end-July, no longer relevant - and the yellow ones show DPMs:

Notice the blue line: all of the yellow bars "ought" to approximate to that level, assuming that the US reports are truthful.

They do no such thing. Therefore, the US reports are not truthful. They are so very highly discrepant that the Chinese level (3.1 DPM, almost invisible on this scale) is over 150 times lower than that of the US. That is impossible, for the same bug attacking the same species in the same time frame.

So again, the reports are false; a pack of lies.

Four countries - Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa - show much higher DPM rates than all except the NATO countries, which suggests they rushed to catch up with them between April and July. Evidently, those were unprepared at first to take part in the deception, but on seeing the way the participant governments were able to wield power over their populations, made haste to join the party. The original plotters were those in NATO; later, all who so desired could say "me too."

Such is government.

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