21A009 A Tale of Two Plagues by Jim Davies, 3/9/2021 


There is not a single product or service for which a demand exists, which could not be provided by an unfettered market; so government is totally superfluous. Probably its more intelligent employees sense this, so their perpetual aim is to scare the population into supposing the opposite; that some menace has arrived that only government can overcome.

Medical emergencies provide a useful source of these Scary Stories, because some of them do actually happen (though government is then as powerless as everyone else); a few hundred years ago there really was a Black Death and a Great Plague, which each killed a large fraction of the population. So during the last half century two have been invented: AIDS and Covid.

The AIDS tale surfaced first in Central Africa, where in 1980 Dr Philippe Krynen, a French missionary, observed that people were dying from a failure of their immune systems and that the problem appeared to spread from person to person like an epidemic. A communicable collapse of our only defense against any invading organism would be an existential threat to the human species, so this was the stuff of dreams to governments.

At once the hunt was on for the particular bug that carried this presumed disease and the race was neck and neck between labs in Paris and New York. It was "won", or so he claimed, for America by Robert Gallo; who noticed a correlation between the immune system failure and the presence of a known virus which had produced flu-like symptoms, and which he re-named the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus or HIV. The correlation was not strong, in the high 90% range; it was only in the 70s, but from 1986 onwards the task has been to suppress it, and that's been done. Dr Gallo is a hero; and by holding shares in the firms making the drugs to combat it, a wealthy one.

Two facts expose the hypocrisy and falsehood of this narrative. One is that in 1986 Dr Krynen retracted and reversed his opinion; he concluded that while the problem persisted, it was not being transmitted like an epidemic, by any virus such as HIV. This news did not appear on Page One.

The other is that a small number of honest scientists, notably Dr Peter Duesberg, reached the same conclusion; that "HIV" has nothing to do with the syndrome and so that all work to eliminate it was a waste. Instead, he noted that almost all incidences of immune-system failure continued to be confined to promiscuous homosexuals, who habitually swallowed large quantities of prescription drugs in the hope of warding off other venereal diseases; transmission simply by sexual contact is, accordingly, just a huge government myth.

Antibiotics and other such drugs may be fine for specific purposes in the doses recommended; but when grossly over-used they can wreck the body's delicate balance. So do many other ingestible materials, including food and water. In his book Underexposed, Ed Hiserodt showed that even radiation, fatal in high doses, is actually beneficial in low ones. So, dosing really matters.

The Covid tale continues today unabated, with possible mutations from C-19 adding to the contrived confusion. Since early 2020 several editions of this Blog (marked in the archive with a symbol) show that the government figures are wholly unbelievable, but that hasn't stopped the media stenographers repeating them, with awful consequences for public morale and commercial ruin.

Recently the deception has been further exposed by what is not published by the CDC; notably, the death toll for the annual flu epidemic and the overall deaths in the US from all causes.

The latter matters a lot, for the mortality rate has shown little variation over several years. It's a bit higher in winter than summer, so there's a seasonal variation, but any "spike" in the figures is very noticeable; so if there's any truth in the Covid tale we'd expect to see one. But the CDC hasn't released the numbers yet for 2020. I wonder why they are so shy, given that they claim to know every single day how many have died from Covid.

There may (or may not) have been many deaths caused by Covid, but if so there has been a corresponding decrease in those from other causes. So what the figure-fabricators have been doing (as this Blog has been proclaiming all along) is merely to change reports of the causes of death - with actual, excess deaths from Covid alone being rather trivial. Significantly for example, those for the annual flu have virtually disappeared.

Both tales fail the Koch test. In 1890 Robert Koch published his four postulates, as a test to determine whether a disease D results from a cause C. They still form hornbook medical wisdom.

In neither the AIDS nor the Covid tale are those four conditions met. In the Covid tale, indeed, according to Dr Bill Sardi, the C-19 virus has not yet been shown even to exist! - so it cannot even have been tested for conformity to the Koch criteria.

Both tales are, accordingly, total fiction, desperate attempts by governments to show that they have some usefulness. They do not; and immense real damage is being caused by the attempts.





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