20A045 The Swedish Exception  by Jim Davies, 11/10/2020


The lovely land of Sweden, with which I have fond connections, stands on its own in the current Covid Swindle. It doesn't fit the pattern, and therefore yields some valuable information. More below.

As a country, it's been exceptional for a long time, in some ways good, others bad; the latter being that for a century it's been a poster-boy for socialism. That is now so endemic in the society that when the more right-wing Moderate(ly socialist) Party takes power, taxpayers actually beg for taxes not to be reduced. It's bizarre.

Yet at the same time living standards have been high and well sustained, by two factors:

(a) By 1820 its government resolved never again to engage in warfare unless attacked; and the less war, the less waste and the more wealth. Even more suprising: it never has! And that was very far from easy, during WW2; for Sweden was menaced first by the British with its Plan R4 in 1940, which aimed to capture the Kiruna iron ore mines via Norway and so prevent German access, then later by the Germans whose controlled territory surrounded Sweden completely. Only skilled diplomacy forestalled an invasion.

(b) A strong Protestant work ethic has prevailed for centuries, which has survived socialism since 1920 and even, so far, the damaging large-scale Muslim immigration of the present century.

Now in 2020, Sweden has also plowed its own furrow during the alleged pandemic.

It's vital to remember that all the C-19 death reports issued by all governments are or may be wholly fictional, a "rats'-nest of lies" as noted in the ZGBlog The Bogus Plague of 2020. They can't be trusted at all. All we can deduce from them is such message as the number-fabricators wish to convey. Thus, there's a complete disconnect between what each government does, and what it reports as a "result," and the chart below must be seen with that in mind.

The Swedish government did not lock its population down; and that's a surprise, because socialists are usually knee-jerk fascists who love to dominate on any excuse. Perhaps Löfven's régime felt it already had as much authority as it currently wanted. So it just "advised" Swedes not to get too close to each other, and to "consider" the use of masks. Only in the State-owned nursing homes did it mandate their use, and it was in those that most ot the reported deaths took place.

So, virtually no lockdown. The results are charted for an excellent recent article by Tom Woods.

The results? - again, remember that what's reported need not have any relationship with the policy followed; but it's clear that in the first chapter of the Covid Scary Story (March thru July) Sweden reported similar numbers to the rest of the NATO group.

Since then, though, it has declined to take part in Chapter Two. That is consistent with the ZGBlog Did Lockdowns Help? which proved that countries with lockdowns reported four times as many DPMs as the rest. Once again, some or all of these published data are completely mendacious; the Wuhan Bug cannot discriminate. So they are political inventions and currently, only the Swedes may be telling the truth, at least about Chapter Two. Most exceptional.

Naturally, the absence of a lockdown has helped keep their economy out of a serious recesssion. They depend a lot on exports, to countries that have slumped badly, so the figures are negative for 2020 - but not large. Bloomberg admits that:

Sweden’s 3.3% GDP decline this year compares with the 8.3% slump Danske [Bank] sees in the euro zone, and the 4.3% contraction it predicts for the U.S. The bank expects the U.K. economy to shrink by 5.8% this year.

As often noted on the ZGBlog, as well as being right, freedom works.

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