20A028 Chapter Two by Jim Davies, 7/14/2020 


The Scary Story of Covid-19 has been such an outstanding success for governments around the world (especially for a subset of them in the G-20 group) that they are now publishing Round Two, as a new and second chapter.

The "How" and in particular the "Why" of it all was summarized in this ZGBlog about the Bogus Plague, its true but unauthorized history was told in this one, and it's been horrible to see them subdue populations like sheep. The purpose was to frighten and so intimidate people and discover how far they could be pushed, and the sad result is that they can be pushed a very long way. Absurdly, nearly everyone believes the grotesque lies published about how lethal is C-19 (my best guess: about 0.0071% get seriously ill and 0.00034% die.) But huge numbers of deaths per million are put out, to "justify" even harsher restrictions. They are all lies.

Sophisticated, educated people who have brought civilization to its present peak have been locked down under house arrest. Folk going out for a picnic have been bullied by police and ordered home. Business owners were ordered to close. Trips taken by car have been subject to dragnet traffic stops and interrogation about the purpose of the journey and told to end it if not sufficiently urgent. Face masks have been mandated in some areas. Worse: they have sometimes just been "recommended" by "authority" and many have even complied with that! Eight generations of government-school conditioning are yielding their harvest.

None of the above has been uniform; some countries (and some States, within the US) have been more brutal than others. It's been a giant experiment, to find how hard it is to bully free and sovereign people. The fiction is that governments had to restrict freedoms to combat a dangerous plague; the reality is that they set out to restrict freedoms and used a relatively harmless virus as a pretext. And it's worked. Sadly, it's been found only too easy.

None of it had anything to do with the actual death rate from C-19, and - quite surprisingly - little effort seems to have been made to make them correlate. Governments are now so arrogant, they are issuing their orders without even bothering to argue that submission helps save lives, and without even doctoring the death figures to "prove" that they do.

And this month, it's become clear that the fictional plague is returning. They are apparently going to experiment in restricting us further yet. I wonder what monstrous impositions they have in store. Mandatory masking? - it's already begun. Mandatory vaccination? Stay tuned. Will you allow a government agent to stick a needle in your arm?

The story line may be that C-19, being a new virus, doesn't behave like any other - that whereas all previous ones make people who have been infected once, immune from all repetition, for many years and often for life, this one doesn't; and government "experts" are on hand (and TV) solemnly to swear that it's so.

Already, they've quietly changed the definition of a C-19 "case"; it used to mean someone with severe flu-like symptoms admitted to hospital, while now it's anyone who tests positive, even if he has no symptoms beyond a sniffle and even if he's already beaten off a C-19 infection with no symptoms at all. Hey, each admission brings the hospital $13,000 - so if testing is extended to the whole population, a $4 trillion bonanza is up for grabs.

Or, they may say that in Chapter Two it's actually a mutation, and call it Covid-20. Who knows what tale will be generated in the Department of Scary Stories. But we can be fairly sure that in America, Chapter Two will last until November 3rd; in the hope that voters will blame the incumbent and elect a Democrat in his place, for while the political motives obviously differ by country, in this one the Dems are leading the move to prolong the agony, and the fiction. Governors from that Party have tried so frantically to promote this hobgoblin that Blue States show more than twice the mendacity rate of Red ones!

A political party willing to ruin an economy to get its candidate elected deserves nothing less than extermination.

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