21A039 Take No Jab by Jim Davies, 10/12/2021


Vaccines have brought humanity great benefit; but the so-called "vaccines" for Covid are bogus. They are not true vaccines at all.

So this edition of the Zero Government Blog does not advise anyone to refuse a vaccine; rather, just to refuse counterfeit vaccines like those now being foisted on us by governments and their toadies in the media. And that refusal may be costly; it may mean loss of access to planes, trains, buses and grocery stores - and even the loss of a job. Mind, if your employer demands you take a useless and dangerous jab, perhaps he doesn't deserve the value your services can bring him.

Why refuse these government jabs? Here's why.

1. They are bogus. A true vaccine immunizes a person against a particular disease, and these do not do that. They may make recovery from a Covid infection faster and more likely, but none of them prevent the infection. So they are falsely named. Most new cases are of those already "vaccinated."

2. They may kill you. They come with many side-effects, including death. They are killing about as many recipients as the Covid disease on its own has reportedly killed - and possibly, many more than that. The allegedly preventative "cure," in other words, is worse than the malady.

3. You own yourself, exclusively. It's your body, so you have an absolute, natural right to decide what goes in to that body; yet government wishes to jab it with a needle and add a mysterious substance to your bloodstream - like the witches' potion in Margaret Anna Alice's fairy tale. The slogan "My Body - My Choice" is exactly, profoundly correct. It was correct in the 20th century when government began to prohibit people self-injecting drugs, and it's correct now in the 21st, when it's doing the opposite. The choice may not be made wisely, but is most certainly yours alone to make.

4. The conformists are hypocrites. That is, those who do as government says and accept its useless and dangerous jabs and then screech loudly for everyone else to do the same, are bigots unwilling to think clearly. If the bogus "vaccines" were genuine, those people would be immune - and that's what they say they believe; therefore they face no danger at all from you and me, if we decline to be jabbed. We can breathe all over them and surround them with Wuhan Bugs, and they would suffer nothing at all. The fact that they screech tells me they sense, though they will not admit, that they have been hornswaggled - and are not immune at all. Their hypocrisy deserves exposure.

5. They hide a sinister purpose: the whole Covid Scam is to divide society, into a conformist class and an oppressed under-class that claims its proper right not to wear face masks or accept injections. This trick is as old as government itself: "Divide and Rule." If government can set one slice of us against another, our attention is diverted from the plain truth that government is a useless parasite; that it does nothing valuable whatever, that we could do better, cheaper or both without it. So it tries to set rich v. poor, black v. white, Dems v. Reps, and now conformists v. dissidents. All the while, it enjoys ever-increasing power and prestige; and always, the purpose of power is power itself.


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