21A015 Society, Divided by Jim Davies, 4/21/2021 


Untermensch is the word used two or three generations ago, by a government that was less tyrannical than our own in many respects (though not all) to describe the second-class members of its State; Jews, Slavs, non-Aryans. It referred to an underclass, who if they were not already hewers of wood and drawers of water, would be pretty soon... if they survived at all.

Laws were written to forbid their employment in influential posts. They were not allowed to marry outside their type. Eventually they were herded off to do slave labor, and when there was too little to house and feed them, they were gassed to death and their corpses burned. About six million of them.

It didn't matter, because they were untermensch; under-people, sub-human, not really true persons. The key lay in that initial designation, distinguishing them from regular citizens.

Before our very eyes, this very year, action is being taken right now to define a new kind of sub-human: those who follow our own judgments and consciences instead of rules set by people who claim a right to rule us. I refer of course to the odious idea that everyone do as we're told regarding the Bogus Plague, with face masks, home confinement and especially by showing proof of vaccination: a vax-pass.

It's reported that half of all Republicans say they will not accept a government jab. Add some Libertarians and anarchists and some good portion of registered Independents, as well as those who decline to record any political affiliation, and you may have about a third of the population - a hundred million of us.

With a constant drumbeat by the media, we shall be called anti-social - placing all the gullible conformists at risk (from a virus that kills fewer than one in 100,000) - who will then applaud our exclusion from normal society, for after all, we are only untermensch. The absurd contradiction of that slur will be ignored; namely that if the vaccine is effective the jabbed will be immune from infection by the unjabbed. The purpose is not to protect health, but to persecute resisters.

We shall not be allowed to travel, by air or public transport. We shall not be admitted to retail stores - including groceries - or restaurants. Employers will not offer us jobs. Hospitals may not accept us for needed treatment. Who knows; once the principle is in place, the restrictions on non-holders of a vax-pass may be excluded from normal social intercourse of any and every kind. Faced with persecution on such a scale, many of those 100 million may give way and accept a jab, just so as to be able to function in an approximation to normal life; but there will be a residue, a remnant who will not. Six million? - a whole lot more. We'll be sacrificed to the Great God of Government Supremacy.

This nightmare would be ridiculous, if it were not breaking out for real, all around us. As I write, the BritGov is proposing a law to punish all who organize a public protest - against face masks or vax-passes, for example. This, in the very Mother of Parliaments. They appear to be serious. And deadly. Recall the process, since February 2020:

First, the government-controlled media reported a new bug had broken free, from China. That's possible; viruses do mutate, especially those for the common cold. If they didn't, we'd quickly become immune to it. Second, it spread quickly around the world as visitors to China returned home: false, as shown here from government data itself. Third, all of the death data was published and over-stated by at least 16 times and possibly 160, by the very people who had started the tale of a "pandemic" going in the first place. Fourth, it may have mutated into a second and perhaps a third form to keep the fiction going, that a pandemic was on the loose. Also false. Governments mandated restrictions on freedom, to combat the fictional pandemic: house arrest, business closure, mask wearing, and now vax-passes. Those aren't false at all. They're the real purpose of the process; and part of its genius is that in one stroke, the EU, US and me-too other governments can identify and neutralize all in "their" populations who will not submit to their arrogant, arbitrary instructions - on this or any other subject.

Unless you prevent it, society will then consist of an élite, of conformist sheep and of principled sub-humans; rulers, bleaters and serfs. That is what government does.

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