22A002 A Game-Changer by Jim Davies, 1/11/2022


The Kindle version costs $2.99, here. Buy it. Read it, before you allow a single needle to puncture your skin. It's a blockbuster book published last November which has already sold 500,000 copies. It's The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F Kennedy Jr. Yes, that Kennedy.

If you read its Chapter One but think you wasted $2.99, let me know and I'll send you $3.00 to compensate. So you cannot lose.

RFK is a prominent Democrat, and I oppose Democrats on almost everything. So the fact that I recommend it tells you at once that something amazing is afoot.

The book exposes the evil alliance between rich business folk like Gates and Fauci, and the governments of the US and the world. Chapter One (itself 280 pages, did I mention?) covers Covid. Fauci holds a #1 powerful position as the most influential medical advisor in the country, yet simultaneously reaps huge dividends from the sales of medications and (fake) "vaccines" he recommends.

Not only that; he has persuaded the FedGov to suppress other, long-established remedies like Hydrochloroquinine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM) which had in early 2020 proven themselves as useful treatments for Covid, slashing death rates by half or more, by having the FDA withdraw permission for doctors to prescribe them. But for that, those low-cost remedies would have undermined sales of the high-priced alternatives being marketed by Fauci and his "Big Pharma" pals.

Yet more: Fauci's favored remedy Remdesivir has proven to do more harm than good. So, reasons RFK, it's no wonder that the US and allied countries have high death rates; useful treatments have been banned while damaging ones have been promoted. All this, RFK demonstrates, has been done systematically and deliberately, not by any kind of neglect or error; by that he doesn't mean the drug was designed to fail, just that it was promoted regardless of failure.

The exact same thing, he shows, has become true for each of the "vaccines" rushed through development under protection of a government grant of freedom from liability. None of them confer immunity, so they are not vaccines. It's very hard to unscramble the published data about how much damage they do, but RFK estimates that 1 in 40 suffer an adverse reaction; those are all unpleasant, some are very nasty and permanent, and some end in death.

It is particularly wicked, he points out, to force children to be jabbed. The Covid death rate for children is statistically zero, so there is no possibility of bringing them any benefit; yet the chances of harm (1 in 40?) apply to them as to adults. If by chance you send yours to a school that requires jabs for attendance, take them out immediately and keep them at home. For good measure, sue the school board for child abuse and for a refund of the school taxes you were forced to pay.

It was especially pleasing to find RFK devoting several chapters to Fauci's disreputable participation in the AIDS deception, which he calls a "template" for the Covid scam. Regular ZGBloggers will know what few others do: that AIDS never existed, as a communicable disease; see A Tale of Two Plagues.

I did notice some flaws in the book. RFK seems to accept all the Covid counts published by the WHO as true, even while noting (on page 57) that only 6% of the oft-repeated 800,000 US deaths actually resulted from Covid alone. This is odd, for if those low-cost, tried-and-true, widely-applicable remedies did actually slash death rates, they must have been acting not on Covid (for 94% of cases) but on the other, comorbid diseases in play. That may be so, but if he pointed it out I missed it.

He also notes the enormous discrepances between death rates in various countries, but unlike me he accuses nobody of lying; instead he attributes low rates to the fact that some countries continue to allow use of HCQ and IVM. Okay, maybe I need to factor that in.

Also, he shows no sign of noticing the elephant in the room. That is, that Fauci and Gates and Uncle Tom Cobley could wave all the banners they wished, to suppress the use of useful, cheap medications and promote harmful, expensive ones; but if the FDA did not exist, they would waste their breath. The resulting market would leave physicians free to prescribe whatever medication they each judge best. So the entire evil structure, which he so eloquently exposes, would vanish at once if the FDA were abolished along with all government licensure of physicians and relief from liability.

But then, he's a Democrat, still well and truly inside the Statist box. Meantime, he has rendered mankind a magnificent service, in researching and writing this remarkable, powerful book. It would have been shocking but not surprising if, before publication, RFK had been assassinated like his father and uncle; but now it's too late. The truth is out there; you have only to read it.

And to promote it. Get the word out, especially if your work is in a medical environment; recommend the book after reading it, and above all urge everyone you know to declare...

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