21A022 Three Cheers for the CDC! by Jim Davies, 6/15/2021 


Like offices in all the other WHO member countries for theirs, the Center for Disease Control reports data for the USA. All the numbers we find for it on the Worldometer site come from the CDC. They publish what the FedGov wants the world to know. Since January 2020, it's done a most valuable job.

RA! Single-handedly, the CDC has eliminated influenza! It's true. Search as you will for data on how many died of flu in the 19/20 season, or for early reports for the 20/21 season now ending, and they are not there. So, the flu flew. Zap! All at the stroke of a bean-counter's keyboard. Or rather, the non-stroke. The most that appears are the preliminary estimates for the 19/20 season, which expected 24 to 62,000 deaths, and that page has been up since 2019. Super achievement!

RA! The CDC's published Covid figures for the first half of 2020 were so utterly, grotesquely irreconcilable with those from countries outside the US/EU set of thirty as to leave no room for doubt that a great conspiracy was afoot; that the alleged plague was (and is) in fact a scam. Had the numbers moved along synchronously, as would be the case for a natural phenomenon, a true disease, we might never have known that. As it is, thanks to the eager exaggeration of the folks counting for the CDC, their fraud is unmistakable - as shown for example in The Great Covid Swindle and The Bogus Plague of 2020.

RA! Perhaps most of all, the CDC's own figures, hopelessly overstated though they are, go to confirm abundantly that Covid is a giant government scam. Here's how.

The USA line on the Worldometer report for the end of May shows 608,000 Covid deaths, and if we count from mid-March 2020 that's close to 500,000 a year. So the Plague is said first to be killing at the rate of half a million a year, and if Chapter 2 and later iterations or mutations are put out by the Dept. of Scary Stories, that's what they're likely to repeat. Terrible! That half-million is the figure most often paraded by the parrot media, to keep everyone scared. More on it below.

Additionally though, the CDC publishes, in a far less prominent spot, the fact that this half-million reports the deaths of people with Covid present, and so as a possible contributor to the deceased's problems. The actual number killed by Covid alone is admitted to be only 6% of that number, or one-sixteenth; and 500k x .06 is 30,000. Still bad, and still ten times larger than No Big Deal suggests, but very different from the flagship half-mil. And the CDC admitted this central fact; their mendacity knows a limit. Good for them!

So let's take both these CDC numbers, and compare them with other scourges of life in the US - and see whether either supports the story that a plague is at large, demanding drastic government action. Helpfully, the CDC presents them here except for the Covid numbers, which I've inserted.

Cause Annual deaths Special government action
Heart disease 656K None
Cancer 600K None
With Covid 500K Flagrantly disruptive
Accidents 173K None
Chronic respiratory disease 157K None
Stroke 150K None
Alzheimers 121K None
Diabetes 88K None
Nephritis 52K None
Influenza 50K None
Suicide 48K None
By Covid 30K Flagrantly disruptive
Very obviously, they do no such thing. The FedGov has taken no drastic action to combat heart disease, cancer, or any of the other main causes of death listed above. Since in its own judgment those more deadly killers warrant no special action, nor do these lesser ones. Further, a true plague would, like the Black Death, be wiping out large portions of the population; not half a million (or less inaccurately, 30K), but tens of millions; and even then there is by definition little or nothing anyone can do... not that I'd suggest they should ever do anything.
The fact that they have imposed lockdowns, mandated masks and now vaccines, ruined businesses, actively and savagely suppressed dissent and intimidated whole populations on the mere pretext of the two red lines above is proof positive that Covid is NOT a plague, even on the greatly oversated basis of the CDC's own figures.
It is, rather, a gigantic scam whose sinister purposes we explored here.
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