21A014 Who and Why? by Jim Davies, 4/13/2021


Right from its beginning early last year, it was obvious to me that the alleged Covid pandemic was a fraud, a fiction perpetrated by governments so as to intimidate their populations and increase the degree of their control over them. I put out a supplementary called Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog and while some of its entries are a bit off the mark, I've not amended it since.

That general purpose of the CovidScam first appears in this ZGBlog on 5/19/20, in the "Why?" paragraph of The Bogus Plague of 2020, and it's accurate still. It's tied, though, to the closely associated question "Who?" which is first asked in the Bug Blog on 4/8/20 under "Whodunnit?" (scroll down 70%) and various suspects are considered; one of them is "The Demons of Davos" and while not dismissing that possibility I expressed skepticism. "Davos" was short-hand for associations of very wealthy people and very influential politicians, and there's much membership overlap; their other names include the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, and now the World Economic Forum or WEF.

I now think that was wrong. A year later, I reckon they are probably the prime movers.

The WEF was founded and is led by a German academic called Klaus Schwab and features no less than Prince Charles as a front man. All household-name businessmen and politicians are members.

Schwab may be an outstanding professor, but although described as an "engineer" his Wiki bio shows no period of his life in which he designed, tested, built or sold any engine. His career has been exclusively in academia, indeed he seems to be an avid collector of degrees, earned and honorary. Never has he had to meet a payroll, or account to shareholders for profit performance. He has built theories about how industry and commerce "ought" to work, but never proved them in practice.

The same is true on stilts for His Royal Highness, unfortunately heir to the British throne; except that he never even earned a PhD. That has not stopped him lecturing his mother's long-suffering subjects on any subject as long as it's Woke.

Klaus and Chuck are the inspiration behind WEF, and their theme is that the existing industrial order, despite the enormous increase it has brought to the living standards of almost all humanity, needs to be ended and replaced by something "better" in which wise and benevolent leaders like themselves control what is prepared and produced and provided to grateful consumers. The great conceit of scholars is that they rather often see themselves as superior to mere tradesmen, and Schwab is a prime example. As Tom DiLorenzo points out in his excellent article on the Great Reset, what he's really proposing is the same old, tired old socialist control in a new dress; the very ideas that have failed spectacularly wherever they have been tried.

The WEF would be toothless but for its members who are top-flight government "leaders." Whatever these people dream about doing, nothing will happen without governments to force the public to accept it. So the academics are accompanied by the super-rich like Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Levinson and Dorsey, but also by all the EU/US heads of state who matter most, even though they have never operated, let alone founded, an honest enterprise.

The political members have an obvious interest - to increase their power - but what motivates those highly successful entrepreneurs? I suggest they want to protect their turf from smaller, more nimble competitors. Indeed Bezos, for one, has made a fortune putting small retailers out of business; first by cleverly using the Internet to sell books and later most other merchandise, and in 2020 by backing the CovidScam which closed them down by law - or at least by orders from Governors on the pretext of an "emergency." Thus, the dreadful sight of empty Main Streets and bankrupt retailers is no accident. Trade is being diverted to on-line providers. That's one prime purpose of the "pandemic."

It's what big firms always try to do, as Rothbard showed in his Progressive Era; for they know that the bigger they get, the slower and more cumbersome they are to adapt to changing conditions and challenges from new rivals and new ideas. This is universal. The methods used to protect the turf vary a lot - but a favorite trick is to donate generously to powerful politicians so as to be rewarded with legislation that confers a competitive edge. Here, in the attempted "great reset", they are evidently using the CovidScam deliberately to destroy smaller rivals on a massive scale, so that they can more easily impose a new industrial order.

That appears to be the Why and the Who of the present Great Covid Scam; it has nothing to do with a rather insignificant virus whose very existence, even, has yet to be verified. Rather, this bogus plague is about government tightening its grip on each population, and about large firms consolidating and perpetuating their near-monopoly status.

Will it succeed? - only if you do nothing. If you take action to eliminate government, academics can huff and puff all they wish, but nothing will come of their arrogant ideas because the power to implement them will have vanished.





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