21A046 The Terrorists' Tabulation by Jim Davies, 11/30/2021


Very likely, as a ZGBlogger you'll have seen the Worldometer table of statistics about the alleged Covid pandemic. Let's take another look, here.

It's put out by the World Health Organization, WHO. I found it first early last year, and was immediately impressed by its professional presentation. How, I wondered, did the WHO manage to prepare such a polished program in so short a time?

Silly me. The coding must of course have been prepared and tested well ahead of the appearance of the Wuhan Bug - ready for whatever disease is next inflicted upon hom. sap. - real, or contrived.

As you see, the table has over 200 lines (one per WHO member country) and 13 columns. Just click on the column header, and the whole thing will be re-sequenced to conform. Amazing!

But bear in mind that not a single number in that elegant table has any more relation to reality than the contributing government (eg, the US' CDC) intended. Remember too that some WHO members (half?) have governments too primitive to assemble such statistics, whether true or false. For example, South Africa reports 1,481 deaths per million (DPM), while Mozambique, its neighbor, admits to only 60. It's possible to suppose that the latter is not able to count; otherwise that the counters in Maputo are honest, while those in Pretoria are not. Given that ratio of 25:1, we can be certain that there is mendacity or incompetence in one or both.

Here's further evidence that the data being fed in to this table by member governments is completely mendacious. I took one day, November 10th, and picked the all-important DPM parameter for four selections of countries (details here): (1) a Baseline, to correspond with the six tabulated in No Big Deal in July 2020; (2) a set of 14 countries that border China, where it's said all to have begun, and therefore most vulnerable to the disease; (3) one of 11 countries without "lock down" laws, which might be supposed to show DPMs unusually high; and (4) the 29 countries in NATO, probably the origin of the conspiracy and which have all imposed restrictions. The world average on that day was 654.

Those 29 NATO countries reported a DPM of 1,902 and that is

- 50% more than the 11 countries with no lockdown laws
- 3 times more than the world average
- 4.7 times more than the 14 countries bordering China, its alleged origin and
- 112 times more than the 6 countries in my "Baseline" group, which has 21% of the human race

That is all impossible, for a bug randomly infecting humans without regard for political boundaries.

The USA itself reported a DPM of 2,333; which is

- double the No-Lockdown group
- 3½ times worse than the world average
- 137 times worse than the Baseline, and
- 725 times the DPM in China, a country with 4 times its population density where this "pandemic" supposedly began. Again, totally impossible.

Even within the USA, the lowest reported DPM was in Vermont, yet the three States that almost surround it showed a rate 4.4 times greater. Not credible.

Given that 22 months have now elapsed since this scam began, there can be no doubt that if the Wuhan Bug were a natural organism, all its 225 countries would be roughly equally affected. As very clearly shown here, the opposite is the case. Therefore, this is not a natural phenomenon. It's bogus; a pack of lies, put out by terrorists calling themselves "governments" so as to intimidate and more closely control the people living in their domains.

The data in the Worldometer table, supplied by governments, was false last May, as seen in the ZGBlog The Bogus Plague of 2020; and (surprisingly) it's at least as false today. These government figure-fabricators can't even get their lies coordinated. This is not a medical crisis in any degree; it's a major political power-play, the like of which the world has never seen. It's high time to blow their scheme sky-high; to expose its falsehood and defy their decrees.


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