21A037 Huge Lie #12, Updated by Jim Davies, 9/28/2021  


In the ZGBlog for 5/26/2020 we picked a dozen of government's biggest lies during the last 100 years, and added to it on 9/14/2021 a thirteenth, about the gross mendacity permeating the Afghan War. Here, let's return to the twelfth (about the Bogus Plague) and try to bring it up to date.

It was very clear by mid-2020 that governments' own figures showing Covid deaths per million (DPM) were bogus; they were far too disparate. The contrast between countries (and even between States, within the US) allegedly affected by a natural menace which knew no national boundaries, was far too great to be credible. There was no need for medical knowledge; the counts themselves were obviously fabricated, for political purposes.

Since then Chapters 2 and 3 - the "Delta variant" (though where's "Gamma"?) - have been added to the fairy tale, each being a mutation of the original bug. Very clearly, these tales are designed to keep up the level of fear. Neither is more dangerous than the original, from which over 99% recover.

Also new is the CDC report that broke in September 2020, that only 6% of the reported and heavily emphasized C-19 deaths are actually caused by the Wuhan Bug on its own. All the rest are caused primarily by other present conditions, or "comorbidities." So the public is told there are 16 times more Covid deaths than there are, and that gross distortion of the truth amounts to a blatant lie. There are really only 30,000 CDC-reported Covid deaths a year, or less than the previous combined total for pneumonia and flu, whose current numbers have mysteriously vanished.

In addition the original C-19 virus has never yet actually been isolated; and that is an essential first step in determining whether or not it accounts for symptoms observed, according to the Koch Postulates. Perhaps it's real; but perhaps it's not. Perhaps the very virus itself is government fiction.

Finally the lies accompanying the "vaccines" now available are astonishing. A genuine vaccine is a substance which confers immunity to a particular disease. The set of jabs now circulating do not do that. Some reports say they make a recovery (already over 99%) faster and more likely, but others say they bring a long list of severe side effects and actually cause deaths - in numbers similar to those resulting from a Covid infection.

Dr Mercola's 8/31 report here shows that in the UK (which has a Covid profile very similar to the US) 61% of current Covid deaths in people over 50 (that's the great majority of them) happen despite their having been "vaccinated" twice. He also shows very similar measurements in Israel.

Vasko Kohlmayer's 9/11 report here is rich in similar statistics; e.g. this, about England: "those who received a COVID-19 vaccine are more than three times more likely to die from the Delta variant than unvaccinated people."

Hence that "cure" is at least as lethal as the disease; government is lying. They are not vaccines.

Not only that, but also this: according to the highly experienced physician Dr Robert Cole, the damage they do is often permanent. Recommended: watch his 17-minute video presentation here (scroll down 10%.) So, they are the very opposite of "safe"; government is lying.

On that same page (about 20% down) is shown this astonishing comparison for teens between the adverse effects of Covid "vaccines" and ALL others that have been in good use for many years to prevent several diseases.

So their very name is a lie; that they should ever be made mandatory is obscene. In large print, notices at my local hospital declare they are "safe and effective"; but they cannot be effective since they're not vaccines and are not "safe" either, since early data suggests that the "vaccines" themselves cause more deaths than what they supposedly prevent.

Such is the update to the ongoing Lie #12. Apparently the liars are hoping that Hitler was right; that if big lies are repeated ad nauseam, they become "truth."

Post script: The foregoing is reasoned not from medical knowledge, but from published statistics. Since writing it, thanks to Erich Loewen, I've seen a dynamite presentation by a true medical expert, Cambridge-educated Dr Roger Hodkinson, a pathologist who reached identical conclusions about government lying but by a different route. Spend four minutes watching them, here.






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