20A021 Twelve Huge Government Lies by Jim Davies, 5/26/2020  


Occasionally, government people tell the truth; and that's the problem. The well known principle by which they lie whenever their lips move is almost true, but not perfectly so; when its suits them, they may speak truly! How can one tell?

Since its normal style is to lie, it's safe to assume it's lying until and unless it's proven truthful; and this ZGBlog will show a dozen examples of how its lies steered the course of history during the last 100 years. They are really big lies. As Göbbels said, "truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Greedy capitalists caused the Depression. The Great Depression lasted from 1931 to 1945, having been triggered by a stock market crash in 1929. Blame was placed (in government schools ever since) on investors who gambled with money they didn't have. Fact: the crash was the trigger, but the gambling was caused by government creation of surplus money for the first time ever in the US; but in any case market crashes has occurred in 1857, 1869, 1893, 1896, 1901 and 1907 and had self-corrected, without government intervention, in about 18 months every time. The Depression was caused instead by repeated interventions, starting with Hoover (R) but relentlessly continued by Roosevelt (D) and ending with a major war.

Pearl was an unprovoked, surprise attack. Yes, it surprised everyone except FDR and a small number of his cronies; especially the 2,400 US Navy men who were killed for want of any warning of the raid. Facts, however: in July 1941 FDR had frozen Japanese assets in the US, forbidden sales of scrap metal, and embargoed its importing of oil. All three were vital to its ongoing policies of which none threatened the US, so all three led inevitably to war; though because Japan seemed reluctant to respond, in November FDR secretly issued an ultimatum, and during the first week of December he read the decoded instructions from Tokyo to the Ambassador in Washington to destroy documents and declare war on the 7th. He warned Admiral Kimmel in Hawaii to make ready, but delayed the message until the attack was already over. So it was neither unprovoked nor unexpected.

Use of the Atom Bomb saved lives. The argument was that a full invasion of Japan would cost a million more American lives, so instead make use of that terrible weapon. Fact: Truman could have negotiated a surrender in the Summer of 1945, on terms very little different from those actually agreed after Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been destroyed by two bombs. He did not bother trying. About a quarter million Japanese died, mostly civilians.

"The US Dollar is as good as gold." That's what the FedGov declared to 44 other country representatives at Bretton Woods, NH in 1944, as an inducement to make the US$ their reserve currency, in place of the UK£. The promise was that any time anyone wished, he could exchange $s for gold at a fixed rate of $35 per ounce. Fact: the swindle worked... for a while. The FedGov got its fiat money circulating in world trade, which has greatly boosted US living standards ever since, but it printed so many that the true exchange rate rose... so there was a run on gold @ $35, with the French in the forefront. Nixon broke what remained of the link in 1971. Hey, government lies to everyone else, why not also to other governments?

The Soviets led the arms race. That was the lie repeatedly told to Americans, to scare them into supporting development of an arsenal that could destroy the entire human race many times over. Fact: there was never a time in that 45-year period (1945-90) in which the USA was outclassed by Soviet weaponry, and by its end, the Soviet Union was bankrupt.

Inflation is caused by businessmen who gouge prices. It sure seems that way; nearly all prices seem to rise, and it's the stores who do it. But wait: a first class stamp at the (government) Post Office cost 15 cents in 1980, but 55 cents today; that's an annual rise of 3.3% and the USPS isn't run by businessmen. So, fact: inflation is caused by the creation of money faster than goods are being made by the market, and money is created only by government.

The Domino Theory held that unless Communism was stopped in Vietnam, it would spread all over the world. Fact: communism is a bankrupt theory that has miserably failed everywhere it has been implemented, including the USSR. That was perfectly obvious to free-market economists like Ludwig von Mises by 1922 and the repeated FedGov propaganda also proclaimed it to be inferior! - yet instead of just awaiting its inevitable collapse, the US acted with military force.

Saddam Hussein was an evil aggressor who threatened to dominate world oil supplies by invading Kuwait. Facts: Yes he was evil, like all government people - but (a) even if he'd taken Saudi Arabia too he could not have dominated that market, for oil is extracted and offered for sale all over the world; and (b) before the 1990 invasion, Saddam expressly asked the US if any objection would be raised, and Ambassador Glaspie responded "The US has no interest in your border dispute with Kuwait." It was, therefore, a US trap designed to facilitate a further intrusion in the Middle East.

The US 2003 invasion of Iraq was defensive because Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction. Fact: as all impartial examiners clearly declared before the invasion, Hussein was doing no such thing and had no ability whatever to threaten the US even if he was; and no WMDs were found after conquest. It was just a further incursion by the FedGov into the Middle East.

Congress wrote laws to tax income. That's what "everyone says." Fact: Congress wrote many pages of small-print laws to convey that impression, but not a single one either to define what "income" is, nor to make anyone "liable" to pay a tax on it. The former has never been done at all and the latter has been done, in flagrant violation of Article 1 Section 1, only by the Judicial Branch.

9/11 was an unprovoked, surprise attack. It seemed so to the public; who on Earth would wish to do such a horrid thing? Fact: it had been systematically provoked for at least half a century, by relentless FedGov support for the State of Israel and the suppression of Muslim interests in the Middle East; fanatics has been escalating retaliatory attacks since the 1960s so it was no surprise.

The Wuhan Bug is like the Black Death, and threatens millions of lives all over the world. The Black Death of 1350 killed a third of the human race and nobody then understood what caused it to begin or end. Fact: the new Corona virus is one of a series already evaluated and suppressed, and produces only very minor symptoms in nearly all of those infected. Its actual lethality is not known yet, for all the statistics are published by governments, who lie almost whenever their lips move; but Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog suggests that it may kill about 3 to 5 people per million, or around 25 times fewer than the annual influenza.







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