22A007 Move Over, Mengele by Jim Davies, 2/15/2022


I've now read all 932 pages of Robert F Kennedy Jr's The Real Anthony Fauci, so can extend my review; A Game-Changer covered, on 1/11, mainly just Chapter One, about the alleged pandemic - about whose history, by the way, there is an hilarious 4-minute, must-see video out here.*

RFK rounds it out as a true masterpiece. Replete with end-notes, the book is abundantly researched and powerfully written, showing strong similarities between the AIDS deception of 1980 through 2020, and the current Covid fraud; and that Fauci was behind both. He is now aged 81, so fortunately this may be his final scam. Most of all, it lifts the lid on part of that mysterious entity called the Deep State. Fauci could work as he has only because he is part of the State bureaucracy.

Fauci grew up fiercely competitive, playing basketball for his school even though only 5'7" tall, and that trait has been his ever since. On its own that's a virtue; but he has combined it with ruthlessness, and used both to become a master of manipulation that has given him extraordinary power - behind the throne.

What RFK calls the "Medical Industrial Complex" revolves around him as its hub and works something like this. Money is injected to it, as grants by Congress after extraction from taxpayers. Fauci persuades "our representatives" that there are urgent crises at large, and the loot is passed to pharma firms to develop cures, and to agencies in the HHS, including NIAID which he directs, provided they all do and say what he considers orthodox. Money also reaches the pharma firms from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BMGF. Fauci's NIAID persuades the FDA to license drugs alledgedly tested and found sound, and the pharma firms sell them for handsome profits; some of which is recycled to HHS individuals who havc taken out patents on them so as to receive royalties, and to the re-election funds of such Congresscritters as voted in favor of the development grants. The merry-go-round spins on.

The media are complicit too, for they depend on large advertising revenue from the pharma firms. So for example when the whistleblowing Prof. Duesberg was to appear on Larry King Live with Tony Fauci, he was told at a few hours' notice that he was disinvited. An early form of the Cancel Culture. Finally Fauci has won access to the top: to each since Reagan, he got himself appointed Advisor to the President, which wonderfully amplifies his clout.

Thus, hundreds of employees in the alphabet soup of the FedGov's "health" establishment, members of Congress, Big Pharma, and of course Fauci, are provided with handsome livings. It reminds me of Mario Puzi's The Godfather where a character he calls Hyman Roth is head of a large Mafia family. He's Jewish rather than Sicilian but prospers and survives because he "always makes money for his associates." The condition is only that nobody rocks Fauci's boat by singing out of tune. Except for the ripped-off taxpayer, everyone wins. And except for one problem: the drugs developed usually do not work, and frequently bring far more damage than help.

Since 1984 the Complex has focused on AIDS. Many times, Fauci has promised a cure or a vaccine, and tested hundreds, but has found none. For three years he poured nearly $400M of our money into the development of AZT, which eventually did suppress HIV but only when combined with other, much cheaper remedies and which in any case does not cure AIDS. That (RFK says) is because he committed early to Robert Gallo's theory that it's caused by the HI Virus. It's not, so it's a futile hunt. Peter Duesberg realized that early in the 1980s, and was swiftly deprived by Fauci of a living; but he was right. He speculated that immune systems fail because homosexuals (to which group the syndrome is confined) take large amounts of drug cocktails to ward off STDs; this remains one good theory. Another surfaced as early as 1986; researchers Knox and Carrigan found that a herpes virus HHV-6 was present in 100% of AIDS patients; yet to this very day Google answers queries about cures for the disease by referring only to HIV. Such is Fauci's influence over media.

While HHV-6 partly satisfies one of Koch's four vital tests, HIV meets none. There is only a poor correlation, which in any case would not prove causation. RFK reports on page 429 Fauci's feeble defense of his position: "'These are not cases of AIDS,'” reasoning, with circular gymnastics, that they 'couldn’t be AIDS since the definition of AIDS requires the presence of HIV.'"

Fauci has pursued diligently the hunt for an HIV cure, never admitting he is searching the wrong haystack, for four decades. His method was to solicit funds then run a test on the latest candidate; and such tests require a baseline for comparison, usually called a "placebo group." When the results disappointed, he queered the pitch by selecting for the placebo group not a random pick from the population but a set of people in perilous health. That enabled him to explain deaths from the drug under test by showing a comparable number of deaths in the baseline. When his subservient colleagues caught on, these became known unofficially as "fauxebo" groups, for replacing the "x" by a "c" doesn't change the pronunciation. This is his method. If he's not using the same trick today in the hunt for a Covid cure, he needs to prove it.

Fauci's failures were at the expense of hundreds of animal and even human babies' lives, which were ended by drugs being tested; sometimes accompanied by torture. His colleagues are aware of this, claims RFK, but say nothing since their incomes depend on omertà. It turns the stomach to read (eg on pp 541, 542) the degree of cruelty inflicted, and tells me that Fauci compares unfavorably with the man who since WW2 has been regarded as the worst doctor ever to live: Josef Mengele - who, likewise, could do his malevolent work only as a functionary of the State.

This, then, RFK shows, is the monster who is directing today what we shall wear on our faces, with what we shall be jabbed, and whether we shall be allowed to leave home to earn a living. He would be de-fanged if the FDA were abolished, or if taxation were abolished, but government will do neither before hell freezes over. This marks the limit of Mr Kennedy's remarkable work; he unveils the villain, shows how he orchestrates many different players bringing benefit to each at the public's expense, but does not show how in another decade or so a similar fraud can be prevented. People like Fauci can take their ruinous actions because there is a framework of compulsion in place; take government away, and while some companies and people may cheat, none of them will have the power to compel anyone to do anything. So the only fix is to dismantle government as a whole, by declining to work for it; and I've seen no alternative to the TOLFA method. Meanwhile, be sure to insist:

This 4-minute video is a funny and remarkably accurate history of the "pandemic" and appears on a website run by "Q". I do not endorse that strange outfit as a whole - but with this, they have done us all a great service.

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