23A009 Scary Story #1 by Jim Davies, 2/28/2023


Story #1 of this decade, that is: the fiction that a dreadful disease required governments to suspend normal life. It began in February 2020 and fizzled out some time in 2022. Scary Story #2 took its place in February 2022 and is still running strong: that the world may shortly end in a nuclear holocaust. That one is less incredible; more about it in next week's ZGBlog.

It's always nice to be vindicated, and the more facts that emerge from the history of the Bogus Plague (Story #1) the more accurate appear the analyses and predictions that you saw here in ZGBlogs. Here's an update - or hopefully, a wrap.

1. The death toll was wickedly exaggerated. This came to light in one page of a bulletin from the CDC in September 2020: only 6% of the reported toll were caused by Covid alone; the other 94% had at least one "co-morbidity." After seeing the light of day this news was rigorously suppressed, but we caught it here on 9/23 and showed it on this Blog first on 9/29 as a footnote. So to know the possibly accurate figures for Covid deaths, divide the big published totals by sixteen.

At this writing Worldometer declares that 6.8 million died worldwide, so this means a truer figure (I'll not say, true) is about 0.425 million - or one in 19,000 of the population. Some "pandemic."

2. Masking was useless. The face masks we were all advised to wear, and in some cases compelled to wear as a condition of keeping a job, entering a store or even a hospital, had no effect whatever. This was admitted by Dr Fauci when the Bogus Plague began, but after being reminded of the script of Story #1 he reversed himself. I published Wear No Mask in response and repeated the advice in the ZGBlog for 7/14/20.

Turns out, we were exactly right. Last month from Oxford came the Cochrane Report (which news may not have appeared on the Mainstream Media) to say that exhaustive analysis of the actual effects of face masks found that they had none whatever on the spread of C-19 or any other respiratory disease. As the lone guy in the picture above says: Yes, you all were wrong.

3. Lock-downs were useless. We showed this here on 9/1/2020, and the record of Sweden has continued since to confirm it: that country closed no business and no schools - but not a single child died of Covid. The deaths per million statistic for the US is 3,405 (remember always to divide by 16!) and sure enough, the Swedish government has fabricated figures to show it's a faithful member of the Scary Story Authors' Club, allowing as how theirs is 2,303.

So the US did a lot of locking down, while Sweden did none at all; yet admitted suffering only two thirds of the US death rate.

Perhaps there's more news to come about lockdowns, but very slowly, reality is dawning. Elon Musk gave his opinion that "the coronavirus lockdowns [were] unconstitutional, outrageous and fascist." Most significantly, the Nation's supposedly impartial, responsible broadcaster National Public Radio called this statement a "rant", quote. That's the kind of raw bigotry that prevented most folk from learning about this sooner. But for us, again, it's nice to be vindicated.

4. The vaccines are useless, or worse. They were prepared in a hurry (a very bad idea indeed) under government pressure, without the usual FDA approval - but with promises that manufacturers would be immune from lawsuits should there be any adverse effects; and have failed to immunize anyone else against anything. Therefore, they are not vaccines; to call them by that term is a blatant lie. The first ZGBlog to warn against them was that for 12/8/2020. You read it here first.

Here too I expect more news to emerge with time, but there are disquieting reports that the "vaccines" are not only ineffective but also dangerous, sometimes fatally so. "Safe and effective"? - no. They are certainly not effective, and may well not be safe. I'll keep an open mind on that. But meanwhile, keep your jabs off my body.

Summary: Scary Story #1 was published after careful preparation by the WEF with coordination by all 30 governments in NATO (those 30 published far higher death rates than the rest of the world) and was maintained by force with massive disruption to standards of living and destruction of scores of thousands of small businesses, on a completely false, fictional basis. Contrary perceptions were (and are still, as in the NPR case above) viciously suppressed or ridiculed (as "misinformation"!!) by all major media on government orders.

Its purpose (as for all Scary Stories) is, as stated in the ZGBlog The Bogus Plague of 2020, to increase their power, their grip over people in their domains. Unfortunately, they succeeded.

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