20A049 Shot in the Arm  by Jim Davies, 12/8/2020

Good news: I've invented a vaccine!

All that government needs do is to line up its best "experts" to say it's safe and effective (sure they will, if paid enough), put the manufacture into gear and issue an edict that everyone must get shot.

It's cheap and easy to make, so billions will be saved on Big Pharma, and I'm giving it away free, pro bono publico. No fee at all! Mind, if you'd care to make a gratuity - leave a small tip, as it were - I'll not turn it down; just a couple of million would be fine. Leave it under the champagne glass.

Call it Biden's Own, Guaranteed, Unfailing Solution, and put on the vials any suitable label. He might sign them, like some vintners sign their wine labels and like the Treasury Secretary signs Federal Reserve Notes so people think they're real money.

100% compliance is needed, of course, so if some sassy girl refuses by yelling "Keep Your Laws Off My Body" you'll have to strap her to a gurney like you might in an execution room, and shoot that vaccine into her arm. Best give her a double dose, pour encourager les autres.

My vaccine has been thoroughly tested and is perfectly safe and highly effective. After getting shot, only 0.0071% of people get sick from C-19 and only 1 in 20 of those die of it; so it's 99.99966% prophylactic. Any similarity with the numbers shown here is purely coincidental.

What is my vaccine? Shhh, don't tell anyone, but it's pure, distilled water, aka DiHydrogen Monoxide (thanks, Kent!) - with a little harmless, optional red coloring to make it look important.

Absurd? - far less so than the alternative, which is to do all of the above but with an expensive vaccine produced by professionals in a big hurry, whose testing has been rushed; for vaccines of that kind have a mixed record. Some (for polio, smallpox, tetanus and others) have brought great benefit. Others, not so much. Bill Gates, using his own money and doubtless kindly intentions, took vaccines to Indian children but with some fatal results. There's more information at Anti-Vaxxer.org.

The flu vaccine for 2019-20 was a failure. Four members of my family caught the flu (happily all recovered quickly) yet all four had been vaccinated against it.

Kamala Harris has said that if a C-19 vaccine is endorsed by Trump, she will not accept it. If all her admirers do likewise, Democrats won't be getting a shot; and already 40% of Americans have said they won't accept any vaccine (I'm one) and presumably most of those are Republicans. So the market for such a product appears iffy. Little wonder the CEO of Pfizer recently sold his stock.

Most of all, a vaccine against Covid-19 is wholly needless. Apart from shingles, which is a form of chicken pox that recurs after several decades, once a viral infection has been overcome by our immune systems we become immune for life; and a C-19 infection is not a big deal. So the simplest way to "vaccinate" a population is to let it rip. Nature does the rest. Instead, governments have done all they can to slow it down, even at the enormous cost of ruining the economy and causing a yet-unmeasured extra surge of deaths from other causes, as medical resources are with-held from patients awaiting care.

Slowing down the C-19 spread may have made sense when it was not known how serious the impact might be (in February, say) so as to protect capacity in hospitals; but that has not applied since March. The pre-election surge in "cases" reported isn't bad news, but good; the more who get harmlessly infected, the more build immunity and so the sooner the disease, such as it is, will go.

So far, then, governments have done the opposite of what's needed; and there's plenty of talk that much worse is to come: if one is produced, its use may be not optional but mandatory - and the dirty enforcement work may even be done by the back door, as in the case of Qantas. The hypothetical "sassy girl" above may actually refer to every one of us. Aldous Huxley's Brave New World may be just around the corner; for once one needle can be forced into our arms, any needle can follow. Remember Aktion T4?

So it is ever more urgent that, if you haven't already, you get active to stop it.

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