20A039 Anti-Fascist Fascists  by Jim Davies, 9/29/2020  


Brilliantly, as early as 1948 George Orwell perceived that the corruption of language could produce corruption of society and the establishment of a new tyranny. Phrases like "War is peace" and "Freedom is slavery" have unhappily taken over the minds of unthinking people of this new Century. The very word "Liberal" is now used to describe a viewpoint or political party that opposes liberty in every respect.

As if to give an extra twist to the corrupting process, currently the term "fascist" has come to prominence again, a whole century after Mussolini reveled in it.

Among the violent thugs who have this Summer been rampaging through US cities in protest against allegedly racist police disregard of life, a loose affiliation of Leftists calling itself "Antifa" has been prominent. They claim to oppose fascism. Some of them even fly a flag resembling the anarchist "A", confusing the President; if Antifa were truly anti-fascist that would be fine, for anarchists are indeed opposed to all fascism, but it's not.

Of that we can be certain, because they initiate violence. They take part in the looting and burning of property owned by people who played no part in any police thuggery. In so doing, they exercise rule over the owners of that property. Since all genuine anarchists repudiate the notion that anyone can validly rule anyone else, they are certainly not anarchists.

Now here's the fun bit: it follows that they are themselves fascist.

That's because "fascist" is one of the terms opposite to "anarchist" (others being "archist" or "archator" or "ruler" or "governor.") A fascist is a person who does believe that some can properly rule others. So do all government people, of course; therefore, all government people are fascist, no matter what label they give themselves. The two terms mean virtually the same thing.

Here's the word origin: fasces. It is Latin, and dates from the Roman Empire, and means a bundle of rods or canes, ready for use in punishing those who disobeyed the ruler's edicts. Here's what they looked like. Notice the ax head protruding from the bundle; that threatened that punishment could be capital, not just corporal. That picture was the symbol of the Empire, and later of the Italian Fascist Party - and, most interestingly, of the United States Congress.

Hard to believe? - take a look. Here's the carving, on one side of the rostrum in Congress. The ax head is missing, but otherwise it says in plain sight: We here make the laws, and you will obey them or get caned. The symbol can be found among other US institutions too, as shown in my book about fascism. [Update: a sharp-eyed reader pointed out that the ax-head is not missing! It's small, and positioned at top-right, as if it's just an extra curl on the S-shaped decoration. But it's there; so Congress does reserve the power to cut off your head.]

The principle is perfectly plain: laws are made, edicts issued, enforcers are employed and lawbreakers are apprehended by Law Enforcement Officers and then punished, using the government's "justice" monopoly. It's how every government on the Planet operates.

So all government is fascist, in its core nature. Does that mean that Communists for example are also fascists? - yes, of course! It doesn't matter what they call themselves, nor even whether they make war on each other; if they issue laws and punish lawbreakers, they are fascist. It's what the word means. Are Liberals fascist? - you bet. So are Republicans and Democrats, the lot of them. The only genuine anti-fascists around are anarchists, who repudiate all government, being content to let everyone live his own life his own way, believing in laissez faire. And that's exactly what will prevail in the coming zero government society.

All the rest, who may profess to oppose Fascism, are "anti-Fascist" Fascists, waving false flags.

On September 16th the CDC reported that of the alleged 200,000 US deaths from C-19, only 6% were caused by that virus alone. More here.





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