21A048 Are They Giving Up? by Jim Davies, 12/14/2021 


No politician ever admits to failure; that comes in Lesson One of the training they all get. Should anything not succeed, and that's the norm, the reason is that Fate intervened and what's needed is even more action at the taxpayer's expense.

So we need not expect any of the megalomaniacs who authored the Scary Covid Story to admit plainly that they got it wrong. But recently I've noticed three signs or hints that they plan to abandon their plan to re-make the world. For now.

First, Bill Gates allowed on November 10th - and again on December 7th - as how Covid will be controlled by mid-2022 and trivial by the end of that year - with wise and full use of vaccines (of course! - never mind that there are no vaccines.) Gates is a full member of WHO, the outfit guiding this bogus plague; to join it, he had to get himself classified as a country, since only countries are members. Its unofficial name is "Billgatestan" - pop=1, Covid cases=0, deaths=0. For 17 years he promoted use of vaccines in India, and has now been indicted there for murder. What, you didn't see that in the New York Times? - must be they thought it not "news fit to print."

Then on November 22nd Jens Spahn, the Health Minister in Germany, predicted that "everyone will be immunized or succumb to the coronavirus in the coming months" and he urged the public to get the shot. Get shot or get shot, as it were - in true Nazi tradition.

The third sign or hint came from Russia. On November 30th virologist Anatoly Altschtein said “Right now there are reasons to think that the Omicron variant could be less pathogenic" - that is, that as Omicron succeeds the Beta and Delta mutants, the alleged Covid virus will become less lethal, and so will fizzle out.

With such words, admittedly tentative, do the architects of history's biggest swindle tell us that a plague which never actually began, will shortly end. Let's speculate: if they are about to end it, why?

I didn't grasp this at first but now as I see it a group of governments which are members of NATO conspired with a set of major billionaires to take control of the whole world. Perhaps it was the G-20 or the EU plus North America, but NATO seems the best fit. They got China to go along with the release of a new and occasionally harmful bug from its Wuhan lab, in which Fauci has an interest, and began to publish alarming figures about its effect. Sure enough, most in their domains masked up, showing compliance. Then other countries (Russia, India, Brazil, and later Uncle Tom Cobley and all) joined the party so as to intimidate their populations. So, what went wrong?

1. The governments are squabbling. China (pop = 1.5B) hasn't changed its DPM report (of 3.22) for a year past; it may well be lying, but clearly it's not playing the game. India (pop = 1.4B) is, but also wants Gates for murder, and Gates is the presumptive Chairman of the intended One World Government; oops. So 36% of the world's population is out of sync. The Asian powerhouses of Japan and South Korea are reporting DPMs far below the world average - so they too aren't following the script. Russia and Ukraine are threatenting war, and Germany, Belarus and Russia have a gas dispute. So the hope for a happily united cabal of world rulers is falling apart.

2. The business partners are hurting. Gates, Bezos, Pichei, Dorsey, Zuckerberg and many other big-business CEOs took part in the conspiracy so as to put their smaller competitors out of business - and tragically that has worked; when house-arrests were imposed by their government friends thousands of retail and other small firms went belly-up. But the unintended consequence has come like a boomerang: all over the world the supply chain has broken down and not even Amazon can maintain its sales. So the billionaires are backing down - as Gates did on November 10th. Again, the cabal is collapsing.

3. The resistance is mounting. Protest marches, unreported by the mainstream media, are happening all over the world, especially in Australia, where the repression is most savage. More effective in my view, a brave minority are quitting their jobs rather than accepting a jab with experimental "vaccines," none of which confer immunity. It's hard to get a handle on how many, but I hear hospital employees are doing so at a 20% rate. If that's general, it will make the supply-chain problem much worse and impose heavy pressure on those who stay in their jobs. It's a pressure the jabbers cannot ignore. If short-staffing should cause patient deaths (from any disease) it will turbo-charge the problem and help the so-far compliant section of the public to understand whom to blame. Meanwhile if any reader is facing demands to wear a face mask, take 16 minutes to watch Dr Vernon Coleman give authoritative reasons why they are dangerous, useless and, in the UK at least, legally voluntary.

Who won? - hard to say. The ruling élite of government and business have shown that they can intimidate the unwary very easily, more than ever, and that is, alas, a considerable achievement that conforms well to Mencken's dictum “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed." On the other hand the two years of misery they have brought has caused many in the "populace" to realize that government is not their friend; also it has pushed a lot of us with differing viewpoints to join forces to resist the tyrants. In coming years, that alliance may well develop and help bring an end to their needless existence.

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