21A033 Year of the Counters by Jim Davies, 8/31/2021 


When scholars began again in the Renaissance to base thinking on reason instead of superstition and authority, they soon found the need for measurement or quantification. Sound reaches the hearer some seconds after he sees its source; how many seconds? Only with that counted data could the speed of sound be calculated. Tides ebb and flow; why? How far away is the Moon? How does one count that distance? How can a ship at sea accurately plot its position? How can time itself be measured accurately? The burgeoning clock industry dates from that period.

Steve Sailer, in Taki's Magazine, suggested recently that the skill of counting things developed fast at around that time and that it partly explains the lead established for the next 600 years by white, male Europeans. I notice in Proverbs 11:1 that "A false balance is abomination to the Lord: but a just weight is his delight" and that's a fair bit older; around 800 BC. Perhaps the practice of accurate, honest counting helps explain why Jews are even more successful than white male Europeans.

The year 2020 may become known as the Year not of the Rat, but of the Counters, for two major counts were made and both were abominable - so perhaps the counters could be called rats.

First came the false counts for Covid, which I recognized as fishy from the get-go and wrote of it in my supplementary Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog.

Scroll down to the first entry at its foot - for 3/30/20. That was 6 to 8 weeks in to the alleged world pandemic, and it was said to originate in China and to be spread all over by visitors returning home. So the consequent death rate should be more or less uniform. But Italy was reported as having 445 times more deaths per million (DPM) than Japan; clearly impossible for a natural bug spreading in similar societies. Obviously, someone was cooking the books.

Scroll up a few to the 4/2 entry, which introduced the eminent virologist Sukharit Bhakdi. He published his opinion that C-19 had roughly the same lethality as flu or a bad cold, and suggested government reaction was unjustified.

The 4/9 entry shows the contrast between Europe and the 14 countries actually bordering China, where severe oubreaks might be expected. None appeared.

At the top is the last entry, and breaks the news that the CDC admitted that only 6% of the reported deaths were caused by Covid alone. Now a year later, we can see that the media daily stress that half a million per year were killed, but thanks to that confession we can see it's really only 30,000. Bad, of course, but smaller than the previous annual toll from influenza... which has meanwhile vanished.

This page offers a summary. The 30 countries with membership in NATO grossly exaggerated the DPMs for Covid. The rest of the world's goverments later woke up to their opportunity to intimidate their populations, and have hurried to fabricate numbers of similar size.

I know little of medicine and less of virology, but don't need either. The counts themselves prove conclusively that the entire story is fabricated. Without question, this is a Bogus Plague, and the dishonest counts are an abomination.

The second false count came in November, and managed to de-throne Donald Trump, who was embarassing the conspirators in NATO by endorsing the Covid Scary Story only reluctantly; at first he called it "just a bad cold" and that was rather accurate. What political pressures obliged him to go along with it later may one day be revealed in his memoirs; I hope so.

Trump's campaigning was frozen out by the media, and they had little to report about Joe Biden, since he hardly campaigned. But such news as did bypass the censors showed continuing - and growing - wild support for re-electing Trump. But on the night of November 3rd, the developing counts for each of several states showed him with a clear lead, which was suddenly removed by the influx of a heavily Democratic batch of votes.

Details are shown here, and the point is that while anomalies do happen, the probability of several happening simultaneously is close to zero (hence my name for the President: "8% Joe".) It's still not clear how the vote count was falsified; maybe pickup trucks filled with counterfeit votes arrived at side doors in the dead of night, maybe the counting computers were hacked. But the numbers themselves shout out loud that the election was stolen; those counts too are an abomination.


Will these false counts de-rail the unprecedented progress made in the last half millennium, based as it is on free, rational thought and accurate measurement? That is certainly possible, as outlined in Society, Divided. Again, it depends on you.







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