20A052 An Appeal, But Not for Money  by Jim Davies, 12/29/2020  


This asks you, who desire freedom, to take some action. Send no money. It's not that kind of appeal. None is required; just a little resolution.

There are 74 million of you, who chose to vote against the enormous clout wielded by Joe Biden and his huge army of Swamp-dwellers and in favor of the existing President. It's not that I favor him all that much; he's wrong on economics, wrong on State power, only partly right on taxation and foreign policy; but he's facing the right way, he knows America has lost its vision and has been trying in his own style to fix it - and he almost certainly won the election. Biden doesn't even realize the need to make the country Great Again. You too, derided as "MAGAts" and "Deplorables" are also facing the right way, and are willing to do something.

The first appeal is not to use violence. It solves nothing.

Then, to the extent you feel able, practice non-cooperation. We may go through some dark times, in the next four years. Decline to help them! They rely on your obedience and without it, their presumed legitimacy collapses. If you walk away, or just do nothing when they bark "do this!" their power will vanish.

For example, they may well command us to wear masks - which are ugly, dangerous and useless. Don't! Or if you must, wear one that ridicules their pomposity, see the foot of How to Defeat Requirements to Mask-up. They may mandate vaccination, if they can rush one into production. Do all you can to resist, slow down the implementation, sabotage the process. That one's especially vicious, because (a) vaccines are inherently unsafe, (b) once government has compelled one shot in the arm it will be easier next time, and next time the stuff inserted to your bloodstream may modify behavior and (c) they will probably implement this not by just issuing an edict but by leaning on otherwise honest companies to do the job for them.

So airlines may refuse to sell tickets to those without proof of vaccination; that has already started. Employers, arms twisted by bureau-rats, may refuse job offers to the same set. Supermarkets may require such proof at the door. Medical services may be made available only to vaccination "passport" holders, rather as in the movie Amerika - indeed, checkpoints could be set up, at State borders or anywhere. And Social "Security" and unemployment benefits may be reserved for only those who comply. There's an unending opportunty for tyranny looming, and the Bogus Plague of 202o may well have been a "test of compliance." So, stop complying. Throw as big a monkey wrench into their machine as you can.

Their only aim is to wield power; that's what all government is for. No limit is known, except people's refusal to submit. During 2020 I've been horrified at the large extent to which face masks were worn by ordinary folk not under any legal compulsion to do so. That must end.

My third appeal is to copy this Blog, or its URL, to all on your email list. Most may reject what it says; okay. But some will join the resistance, especially if they are among the 74 million who rightly distrusted the people who sicced the Plague upon us. That one action could spread news of it with exponential growth. For example if only 5 of those you send it to do the same, and then 5 of the next round, etc., in a single week @ one round per day, 78,000 will be considering these appeals. In the following week, it would reach the whole population. A decent monkey wrench.

Fourthly, as soon as you feel able, quit your government job, if you work for it at any level - federal, state or local. That may take a bit longer, but brings even bigger benefits; instead of just playing defense, this one carries the fight to the enemy. And make no mistake: certainly, government is your enemy. Always. Go to the QuitGov site to read more about this, and from there to the TOLFA one. A step that big deserves a fair bit of thought.

This is the final ZGBlog for 2020, and its first one suggested that hindsight tells us very plainly that government is a heavy drag on human progress and is long overdue for abolition. What happened this year could hardly have amplified that message more loudly. If not before, please now take action. It depends on you.


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