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"Outrageous!" may be your immediate reaction, if you work for government in some way. "Why do you call me dishonest? I and my colleagues are as honest as the day is long. Anyway, where would you be without government? - it's essential for civilized society!"

First: welcome to this site, I'm glad you came. I mean you no harm; quite the contrary. But yes, I'm sorry but I repeat: to work for government is fundamentally dishonest, and I'll prove it. Government is also terribly destructive, wickedly distorting society - and working for it also destroys you, your self respect and your potential for fulfilment. So, be honest: leave your job!

We'd agree, I hope, that someone working for the Mafia is doing dishonest work? Damaging society, and his own integrity? - then let me show you this comparison between the Mafia and government. Then, in outline, my meaning will be clear.

In addition, take a look at one other page that comments on the work that you are doing - choose the description closest, from this drop down menu. (None close enough? - please go here.)

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Last stop on your tour: see what society will be like when you and all other government workers have left your jobs and taken honest work instead.

Government and The Mafia

Click here to compare the two