20A047  The Heist  by Jim Davies, 11/24/2020 


US Democrats have pulled off an amazing feat; they have displaced an incumbent President who won a record 72 million popular votes and who was carrying out, against the vicious opposition of many in and around his administration, several of his promises consistent with liberty - in particular his moves to withdraw from the Middle East. Domestically he reduced some taxes and sustained gun-owning freedom. Unemployment was very low and he was, clearly, heading for a second term.

Their plan was comprehensive, and while deeply evil it was brilliantly formed and executed. It may become a model everywhere for How to Execute a Coup d'état. The idea was to take a fairly harmless disease outbreak, and so exaggerate its danger as to (a) terrorize the public, (b) undermine Trump's popularity and success while (c) giving an excuse to encourage voting by mail, that being a system wide open to fraud, and pad the vote count where needed.

Diseases like flu happen often, but they can't be contained to one nation; and in this case the plot probably began in Brussels. I spotted fairly early on that C-19 death rates were 100 times greater in Western Europe and North America (WENA) than in the rest of the world, and that is of course impossible if the Wuhan Bug were making its own way as a natural phenomenon; but I noticed only later that the 30 countries involved coincided with membership in NATO. So...

First, throughout his first term Trump made moves, noted here, about taking the US out of NATO - another excellent idea - and NATO members and employees were not happy. This theory of how the Great Heist began supposes that bureau-rats high in the US administration, perhaps R as well as D, got together to figure out how to stop him. All 30 member countries would be interested, for the US taxpayer has been providing them with a military umbrella for seven decades. Possibly, they were also interested as potential members of a new "world order" as speculated in this ZGBlog.

So the plan was to await the arrival of a flu-like virus and so grossly overstate its danger as to disrupt Trump in his re-election year, create a panic and save NATO.

The 30 players could easily see other benefits from panicking the public. As Mencken perceived, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” A worldwide pandemic would nicely suit all of their various, specific purposes in tightening their grip on each population - but the US component in the conspiracy had one over-riding aim: to replace Trump.

Second, details were worked out and agreed, among the 30; representatives were near the top of each country's political heap, though in the US case, obviously not the Prez. A large number of C-19 deaths were to be (falsely) reported in harmony, and that was carried out in them all in 2020 between February and July; see chart here. The rest of the world, in that period, was barely affected; the Covid Conspiracy was, to them, a big yawn. An exception was Sweden, explored here; that country is not in NATO but is in the EU, and it played along, at least in that first chapter of the scam.

Third, "experts" were assembled in February to persuade Trump that the virus was not, as he initially and accurately said, "no big deal." Dr Fauci took the lead, with heavy input from the London virologist Ian Ferguson; How Did They Nobble the Prez? suggests they were reinforced by a little blackmail regarding some earlier hospitality provided Trump by the late Mr Jeffrey Epstein. At any rate, the Prez was persuaded. From then on, his re-election battle became defensive, for he had fatally accepted the false premise that the medical threat was real.

Fourth, the entire US media (except sometimes Fox) relentlessly and daily disparaged Trump and openly campaigned for his Democrat rival. Even the Net was in on the conspiracy; social media giants took a machete to anyone who got a sizeable following in favor of Trump or against the Dems. Their cooperation had been obtained over many years, in large part resulting from the dominant position of archists as teachers in schools and colleges; but the effect came into flower during 2020, as part of this Great Heist.

Fifth, the Bogus Plague was used to persuade State election administrators to allow large-scale mail-in voting, several weeks prior to the single election day (11/3) mandated by 2 USC 7, so making the election wide open to fraud. It was alleged that it wasn't "safe" to allow voters to crowd into polling stations as usual. Instead of a handful of absentees, 70% of all votes came this way and, since few if any were postmarked 11/3/20, they were illegal and, so, void. They were counted anyway. So far.

Sixth, when votes were counted on and after 11/3, that mail-in provision was almost certainly used to deliver bogus, forged voting forms to the counters in critical States like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, as well described in Off-Guardian. These actions delivered the coup de grâce.

So the Heist was brilliantly executed, and I was mistaken last Spring to guess that only a small degree of conspiracy was in use. Clearly, this well coordinated international scam needed quite a lot. It's a triumph of bureaucrats over elected politicians, as well as of Pols over People.

Back-stabbling among Top Pols is at least as old as the Roman Empire so there's not much new here. Only the coming zero government society will end it, for there will be no power to be grabbed.

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