20A033 A New World Order?  by Jim Davies, 8/18/2020 


For many years past, a segment of opinion in America has warned that the government here is plotting with others to create a kind of supra government, by which everyone will be ruled; and that it will over-ride the US Constitution. They call that possibility the "New World Order" (NWO), and the resulting rulers a "One World Government" (OWG). Believers hold that the limited government the Constitution permits is worth preserving. So to them, signs of a NWO are a hot-button issue.

They aren't anarchists, who rightly see that all government of all kinds is utterly alien to human nature and peace and progress; they are better called minarchists, for they desire a small one but not none at all. The ZGBlog All or Nothing discusses whether that's either feasible or desirable.

It's clear that the current non-plague is being prolonged as much as possible, by lies piled upon lies, for political purposes; and since it was promoted first and most actively in a group of countries coinciding with NATO membership, and since it's not yet clear where it's heading, one possibility is that dark forces are using it to construct a NWO.

It's true that the only purpose of power is power, and that the main aim of all government people is to take part in one with ever more power. Authority over other people is what they all live for; nothing new there at all. Therefore, it's quite probable that they all dream of taking part in a NWO, a OWG. They all lust to be World Ruler. Of course. The snag is, to achieve such a position would mean killing an awfully large number of rivals in the race. They hate each other almost as much as they despise the people they rule; just savor some of the things they said to each other when they didn't know Bradley Manning and Julian Assange would make their messages public.

But now... there has been a remarkably close collusion among the governments of Western Europe and North America. I doubt if it was a detailed conspiracy, but they must have had at least a casual, informal agreement that when a new virus appeared, as Covid-19 did, they would use it as a pretext to bully their populations into all manner of submission. It's been a trial run, I think, to find out how much unnatural conduct can be compelled. There was a suprising exception in Sweden (one reason: after a century of Socialism they knew already that they have near-total control over that population and needed no confirmation) but after a short delay even they played along by publishing absurdly over-stated reports of alleged C-19 deaths, just so as not to show up their pals. But Swedes alone have been free to go about their lives and businesses normally.

That collusion may be a precursor to the much larger and more deadly cooperation involved in hammering together a unified form of government, covering that same area. Dominant would be politicians from the big players: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Sweden apart, it would resemble NATO, or the EU and US combined, a New World Order. A recent entry to Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog suggests that NATO may have been actively involved in launching this Bogus Plague.

If that is really the plan, the savage attacks on freedom seen this year are nothing to what awaits us. I don't say it will happen - I'm still a skeptic - but if it isn't, I have to wonder: what exactly has the C-19 savagery been a "trial run" for?

As another attack on freedom, I'm not bothered by the idea as much as those who still see the US Government as superior to all the others, in the sense of being careful to act for the liberty of the people, as its founding documents claim. So while subservience to a supra-government NWO would be a setback, the loss would be neither large nor insuperable.

That's because the "TOLFA method" of terminating government does not depend on its size; in fact, the more it inflates the bigger the bang when it bursts. The method is for one person to learn and graduate from that Academy, then (a) quit any government job he holds and (b) mentor a friend through the same process. Do it once a year, government implodes within a single generation. If it rules a billion people instead of a third of a billion, it will just take an extra couple of years. And that would really be a new order for the world; a long-awaited end to ten blood-soaked millennia of the government era.

Indeed, if we count the time needed to liberate all 30 NATO countries one by one, with language barriers etc, it may even be quicker. So if you're not already taking part, why not start today? There's a link on your right.

Have you checked out TinyURL.com/WearNoMask yet? - a useful resource, I hope, to combat the muzzlers.





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