20A046 How Did They Nobble the Prez?  by Jim Davies, 11/17/2020


The verb "to nobble" is Cockney slang, from London; it's a neat way to save syllables and means "to compromise" someone. It deserves wider use.

In February when the C-19 virus was most active in China, President Trump properly dismissed it as "no big deal - just another Democrat hoax." But by mid-March (just as the Chinese deaths were tailing off to noise level) he had swung right round to call it a serious problem, ordered millions of masks and a vaccine, and endorsed closing down businesses and forcing us all apart - though he still left details to State Governors.

That's a big and fatal change of mind, for from March onwards he could no longer contest the Democrat fiction that a deadly virus was at large, but had to defend his own me-too attempts to minimize it. He joined the deception and accepted the false premise. If he did X, his enemies said he should have done it more, and that he should have done Y, instead or in addition. It's a no-win.

Instead he could have looked at the worldwide numbers and realized the whole thing was a scam (as was done here on the ZGBlog) and ordered Director Redfield of his CDC to conduct an audit of the department reporting those numbers for the USA - and fired him in case of refusal. Had Trump done so, it would soon have become clear that they were being falsified, on Democrat orders; the primary causes of death were not C-19 at all, but something else. He would have been able to expose his opponents as the fraudsters they are, and easily obtain a second term.

So how was he nobbled?

The "official" story is that experts lined up to advise Mr Trump that C-19 was so vicious a bug that millions could die unless he took action. This tale, again, was told at a time when the Chinese outbreak had already clearly peaked, from a level that is far lower than the annual flu. Prominent among them in the US is Dr Anthony Fauci, but the lead part was played by a Brit called Neil Ferguson, with a team at Imperial College. Their report is here. It warns that the sky was about to fall. The UK closed down at once, with non-essential travel, even, being banned; later, Ferguson was disgraced and fired for violating those rules by visiting his girl friend across London twice a week for a little mutual comfort. As noted before in ZGB, rules' authors suppose themselves exempt.

So President Trump underwent his nobbling at the very time that the epidemic in China (such as it was) was busy ending. This suggests he and his advisors were very shallow and credulous when Ferguson, Fauci and friends applied pressure. Given his inaugural promises to "drain the swamp", that account is hard to believe.

Still harder is it to believe that a few weeks later at the end of April, he did not change his mind back again when the worldwide data so clearly revealed itself as heavily bogus; that was obvious even to me, an amateur, as shown in the striking charts here and in the entries (unmodified since) in Jim's Wuhan Bug Blog. On March 30th (scroll down to its foot) I noted those figures were "highly suspect" and on April 2nd introduced the skepticism of Dr Sukharit Bhakdi, then developed that theme throughout that month and summarized on April 26th the lies being reported.

It could be that the President, regrettably, did not read that blog, but the same data that I found quite easily was available readily to him also; and in late April the Chinese government announced that foreign visitors were again welcome there, so proving that it saw no danger that Chinese residents would be infected - or that if they were, it would be no big deal.

So Mr Trump had ample reason not to be nobbled in March, and even stronger reason to un-nobble himself again by the end of April. Accordingly, it does not make sense that the "official" story of his conversion to the Democrat fiction has in it as much as a grain of truth.

Therefore, something else did the job; and it was so powerful a nobbling that he was willing to place his re-election in serious jeopardy rather than resist it. I can see two possibilities.

One: he was advised, in late February, that his accurate "just a Dem hoax" line was unsaleable to the voting public; possibly by Jared Kushner, who is a whiz at reading the voting public's mind. This would be the worst possible reason. It says that the public has already been deprived of its critical faculty. If that were so, we've got a bigger job facing us than I supposed.

 Two: a "big stick" may have been wielded. One does come to mind. In August 2019 Jeffrey Epstein died mysteriously in a jail cell. His extraordinary career had shown him to be an accomplished financial advisor, but an even more accomplished blackmailer. He enabled his friends to enjoy activity that was illegal as well as private, videotaped it, and used the recordings to obtain influence and favors in return; they included pals from Bill Clinton to Prince Andrew to... Donald Trump. Allegedly.

So, suppose this year the nobblers had acquired from Mr Epstein's estate a set of HD videos of the Prez that he would not wish to appear on YouTube - lest their release do him far more damage on November 3rd than even his irrational adoption of the fable that C-19 is, after all, some big deal. 

All very sordid, but it fits. Do you have a better idea?


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