22A025 Wrecking Crew by Jim Davies, 6/21/2022


Yes, that's a race-horse name from the Redford / Newman movie "The Sting", and I hope the producer doesn't mind; for it seems to fit our current situation very well.

All governments always wreck, or at least damage, everything they ever touch. That's because a market society - one consisting only of voluntary exchanges - is the optimal way human societies can function. Exchanges happen only if both parties to it are equally satisfied; if not, they walk away.

That may not be perfect (a buyer might prefer a zero price while a seller might prefer one of $100) but it is certainly optimal. It furnishes the largest possible measure of satisfaction; thanks to the subjective nature of value, both win.

But government, an uninvited and non-contributing third party, prohibits such voluntary exchanges. It demands a "cut", or requires a change in terms, etc.; it always skews the deal. So it's no longer optimal, the best possible arrangement; it's sub-optimal. When governments exist, this is always so.

Since 2020, however, I believe the governments in NATO membership have become seriously worse than that. They don't merely trample on voluntary deals so as to feather their nests and flaunt their power, they have been deliberately setting out to ruin them. They have become willfull wreckers. For the first time that I've noticed, they are purposely destroying prosperity.

During the first two years of the decade they did it on the back of an alleged disease, Covid. Within weeks it was clear to me that the pandemic was fake; the ZGBlog Bogus Plague was written in May 2020. A few weeks later the WHO figures themselves showed with startling clarity that NATO members were driving the fable; for example see here and here. Their statistics are fake. Even their alleged fixes are fake; their vaccines fail to immunize, and may do irreparable harm.

The actions taken have wrecked economies that were otherwise relatively healthy, and we've still not seen the last of the ruin. Employees were laid off, and for half a year past they've stayed home rather than return to work, cushioned by the creation of "stimulus" money out of thin air; result, major disruptions in the supply chain, together with inflation rates not seen since 1980.

This was done either with extreme folly and stupidity, or else with malice. And I don't think senior government people are particularly dumb.

Now in this current year the same group of governments - NATO members - have intensified their pressure on Russia and caused it to forcibly resist the encirclement described in this ZGBlog. In response they have terminated most trade with Russia, so causing fuel prices to double and further disruptions to occur. These actions too were very deliberate, neither accidental nor necessary; there was no treaty binding them to come to the aid of Ukraine.

So they are, again, consciously wrecking their own economies. Why?

I think it stems from a serious megalomania, with which two very powerful groups of people have been infected: billionaires and top politicians, current and semi-retired. These have for the last few years been meeting each other in fancy resorts like Davos in Switzerland, and telling each other they are well qualified to run the world. Among the leaders are Bill Gates who generously helps fund the WHO, and Karl Schwab who makes the idea sound right and feasible, and heads of NATO states; those folk have already shown they are leaders, so what need is there of mere plebians like us?

From their exalted viewpoint, mankind consists of pawns to be managed like parts of a machine (Schwab is an engineering scholar) and a middle class who have the ability to think and innovate, and who are therefore potential rivals for this distinguished élite; they run smaller businesses which may come to displace the bigger ones represented at the champagne bar.

So those need to be suppressed, and mere national governments need to be brought under the umbrella of a supra-government... like them. So smaller firms have been bankrupted by the tens of thousand, and populations have been scared and intimidated by a fake disease, bolstered by fake figures and countered by fake vaccines. And now, by the tension of a possible nuclear war. Probably, the group has a third disaster ready to unleash, when Russia and Ukraine have kissed and made-up.

They present this plan for a major change as a Great Reset. They mean to turn us all into automata, grateful piglets, taking all we need (or all they decide we need) from them, the leading sow. It reduces us all to the status of slaves. It's the biggest assault on capitalism since Karl Marx. One of their number, a pretty but feline Leftist Dane called Ida Auken, let the cat out of the bag by predicting that by 2030, "You [meaning us] will own nothing, and will be happy."

They are on course with the first part of that. The second part won't happen.

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