22A012 Who Aggressed? by Jim Davies, 3/22/2022


Was it the RusGov, when invading Ukraine last month? Or was it the UkeGov, while shelling and bombing Russophile dissidents in its Eastern region during the last seven years?

Neither Of The Above, NOTA. Or better yet, rearrange those letters as NATO. Here's how.

100% of the mainstream media dish out daily a view of the current war as seen from Kiev, because the FedGov has cleverly suborned them to broadcast only the narrative preferred in D.C., the Democrat Compound. At the same time the RusGov has gone quiet, not even using the remnants of its widely-banned Russia Today to keep us informed with a clear factual account of what's going on in Ukraine, so the result is that We the People are in the dark. Whatever these various governments are up to, we cannot tell. That's extremely dangerous.

Below is pictured on the left a lobster; a creature well defended and strong, but slow and of small intelligence. On the right is a map of the military alliance, NATO; which has added fourteen members between Germany and Russia, contrary to promises made in 1992. The resemblance is obvious; and when Russia looks, it sees itself being engulfed by a military alliance with three times its population and ten times its GDP; not even counting the USA or Canada.

Members appear in dark blue. Spain forms the tail; the body includes Poland, Germany and France (each a sometime enemy) and the claws, reaching round the business end of Russia, are Norway and Turkey. Ukraine is, or was, in "intensified dialog" about joining. Finland isn't in NATO, but has not forgotten the 1940 theft of Karelia. Turkey may or may not have nukes pointing North, depending on what JFK and Kruschev agreed. Were Ukraine to join, the claws would close unacceptably.

So, who began this perilous war, bristling as it does with the risk of escalation?

For certain, it was the doing of governments. Where Wars Come From emphasizes that there never was a war that some government didn't start. All the same, it's interesting to observe which one was the aggressor; and as the pictures make very clear, it's NATO that poses the present threat; and the eminence grise behind the European member countries is the United States. That conclusion is passionately supported by this 6-minute video from Moscow.

During the last decade the US FedGov has actively encouraged Ukraine to distance itself from its powerful Northern neighbor, and perhaps ally itself to NATO. The UkeGov is furious at having lost (by referendum) control of Crimea, and has been busily killing pro-Russian residents in its East - who this year seceded and formed two new countries, Donetsk and Lugansk, which promptly applied to Moscow for help in rebuffing the bullies. They got it, in the form of the present invasion.

Nearly all wars are fought so that one government can either acquire land and people living on it - so as to enlarge its tax farm - or to prevent the loss of land and taxpayers by secession. The UkeGov was poised to do what Lincoln did, ie to try to prevent one. How very foolish. If people in an area want to dump their rulers (as the American colonials dumped the BritGov) - let them. Governments, though, are deaf to such simple, sufficient good sense. Another good reason why, for mankind to survive and prosper, they have to go.

On March 9th I wrote Russia Today with five ideas for a peace agreement, and Mr Putin must have read it, for he has since proposed several of them to Mr Zelensky. Happy to have helped.

Post Script: The theme struck in this Edition is eloquently endorsed in a presentation given by Prof. John Mearsheimer here. He spoke at Cambridge in February so did not see it, and I had not seen his more detailed analysis until March 24th. His words are well worth reading.

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