21A025 Independence, Canceled by Jim Davies, 7/6/2021  


There's plenty of fault one can find with July the Fourth, Independence Day; mainly, that in 1776 it did too little. The famous Declaration announced the secession of the American colonies from British rule, and used fabulous language about the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but did not abolish goverment altogether; the rulers and their lair were changed, but not scrapped. It was a missed opportunity. But it did, at least, assert those rights.

It declared that every man had that right to liberty, yet also did nothing to end slavery in the new States - a contradiction that would come back to bite them. The Declaration was not one of war, though war did follow; that could have been avoided, if Americans had simply stopped working for the occupying BritGov, as in 1776, Reconsidered.

But it did, at least, materially reduce the amount of governing being done, replacing an imperial, monolithic government by several small ones; and that's well worth an annual celebration.

It's therefore especially ominous that now in 2021, that celebration was muted. The country's flagship medium, PBS, carried stories on the morning of July 4th about fires in the West, and other tales of gloom and doom, but nary a whisper about America's Birthday. Even its later edition that day reported only that in New York City some people were letting off fireworks and eating hot dogs. Pathetic.

Was this silence deliberate? - yes.

At a rally in Sarasota, FL the previous day President Trump had warned of it; he said the "Radical Left" (meaning, 8% Joe and his gang of nihilists, the FedGov) "seeks to cancel this date, demolish our heritage, and destroy our beloved nation." Right on cue, within hours, the "radical left" media (now, sadly, all of it) went quiet.

What's the reasoning, the purpose of this re-write of history, this pretense that Independence Day has no special significance? I suggest it is that the whole idea of independence is anathema to those now in power; that it's part of an attempt to reverse the assertion that individuals have natural rights to life and liberty, to "alter or abolish" the government.

Under the cover of a bogus plague to distract everyone, during the last few years history has been rewritten. The War to Prevent Secession was instead, they say, a war to abolish slavery; so the Southern rebels were not fighting to defend their independence but to continue enslaving Blacks. Therefore, that symbols of the Confederacy (flags, statues to its leaders and generals, however heroic) have been removed or destroyed. The ongoing poverty and crime in Black areas results not from their own failings but from systematic white racism. Et cetera.

Incredibly, some of these peddlers of "woke" say that even the founders themselves - Washington, Jefferson, Adams and the others - were racist, because they all had white skins and did nothing, in 1776, to end black slavery. That is so silly as hardly to warrant reply: the founders deserve criticism, as above, for failing to see that government cannot coexist with a natural right to freedom - but they did allege that the new country was founded on that right. That was an historic first.

It doesn't matter that this is all fiction, that it's a gross distortion of what took place; they control the schools, the colleges and the media and can therefore control what everyone thinks they "know." Mind-control is almost complete. Nor does it matter that they are inciting racial hatred where little or none exists, and so fostering a race war; for war is the health of the state, and state power is all they desire - the whole object of the exercise.

It ties in perfetly to the Great Reset. It can be prevented; but not by sitting idle.




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