21A020 A Much Greater Reset by Jim Davies, 6/1/2021  


The world's élite is salivating, thanks to its CovidScam, about re-shaping societies in their favor, at least in the US/EU areas (see the recent ZGBlog Who and Why?) and if they succeed the outcome will be dire for everyone not in their club - see Society, Divided. They call it their "Great Reset."

As well as resisting that awful probability, it's possible to outwit them and bring about a vastly bigger and better change, which will

  • recognize that humanity took a wrong turn about 10,000 years ago, and
  • reverse that turn and get back on track

For speculation on how the wrong turn took place, see my Origins. The net of it is that formerly hunter-gatherer societies discovered fixed agriculture, soon after which some of their members worked out it would be easier to steal stored produce than to labor to produce it; and that subset immediately constituted what we now call government. It's changed little, ever since.

It may have come about by raw violence, as Oppenheimer speculates, or by violence used only in desperation, as Carneiro thinks; I'll stick with my "Slippery Slope Theory" under which it was done more gradually over several generations, without any such plan at the outset. Take your pick; the result was the same.

That result has been a denial of liberty, in systems of rule which everywhere crippled the natural desire to improve life and so produced a meager growth in wealth of the order of 12% per century instead of around 1,500%. It has been marked by almost continuous warfare, with its utter and tragic waste of life and treasure. The ruling élites have consisted of thieves, liars and killers.

The present global élite is no exception but, if you and I work smart, they will be the last of their kind. We now know enough to undermine them completely. We can, over the course of about a single generation, turn their Great Reset clean on its head.

The government ruling élite always has many fewer members than the ruled part of society that produces what everyone lives on; this must be so, as shown in Minority Rule; the more parasites, the less loot there is and the more there are among whom to divide it. Roughly, about 20 million work for government in America directly, and about another 20 million indirectly, in firms under contract to it. That total of 40 million is about one quarter of the total employed and is the largest possible sizing of the ruling class. The subset actually making the rules is of course only a tiny fraction of that, but those wholly depend on the 40 million to carry out their rule. For example the military and especially the police make up the "teeth" of the State; without cops to enforce their rules, they'll be powerless. It's the bulk of these 40 million whom we have to re-educate, along of course with everyone else, so that there are none who would replace them after they quit their jobs in disgust.

Once a significant fraction of the 40 million have done so, the avalanche will have begun. The élite will be doomed and the Greater Reset will have begun.







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