22A052 Bright Stars of '22 by Jim Davies, 12/27/2022


The year about to end improved on the previous two, and this is to celebrate that good news and the emergence of some new, bright warriors for freedom.

True, the Department of Scary Stories published the Ukraine War, which might so easily herald the end of humanity, and yes, that war has further disrupted world trade upon which we all depend for the efficent, economical distribution of food, useful goodies and fuel. But even that shows signs now of staggering to a finish. So let's take a look at the bright side of the year.

1. The Bogus Plague is over and Fauci is quitting. Right: Dr Fauci-Mengele is at long last retiring on December 31st, after spending 40 years creating the Medical Industrial Complex, to complement the Military one. Should the reader be unfamiliar with that, read Move Over, Mengele and then R F Kennedy's comprehensive The Real Anthony Fauci, reviewed in A Game Changer.

As shown in last week's ZGBlog highly qualified medical scholars are now calling the whole "pandemic" a set of "official lies, in an unending stream led by government". ZGBloggers will recall that we called it "bogus" as early as March 2020, barely a month after it began; and that in May 2020 we identified its purpose as being "to increase [governments'] power, their grip over people in their domains". This was the first Scary Story of the decade, and now it's fizzled.

2. Margaret Anna Alice has appeared - as a brilliant new author and blogger; see her Substack. She is immensely talented and industrious, chasing down every lead and logical argument as if in a rabbit hole. She started with A Primer for the Propagandized in 2021 and recently posed 30 Questions for a Narrative Believer. Anyone still nursing a lingering illusion that Covid was a plague-like threat should head there at once and try to find 30 answers.

There are now more libertarian bloggers than I have time to read, and she is in my view the best of the best. MAA began publishing in 2021, but 2022 is when she went viral and came to my attention. Give her yours, too: and if you can afford it, "buy her a cup of coffee." She writes full-time and depends on donations.

3. Elon Musk broke the media monopoly. The world's richest man (sorry, Jeff, Mark and Bill) bought Twitter, and set about eviscerating its wicked, Statist bias. Half its employees have already been fired. The Left-Statist Establishment is fighting back hard, but all being well their day as monopolists is done. If you want to use your rights as a free speaker, Twitter 2.0 won't stop you. He may soon be appointing a CEO to take charge for him. Any ideas?

4. Pro-freedom video channels are ready for us to watch and consider. Prager U is conservative and often very good (eg Andy Puzder's short explanation of capitalism is outstanding - as good as Milton Friedman, whom he resembles) though one must discriminate because some are terrible (eg this one about the US military.) Meanwhile there is a steady stream (now over 500!) of short, consistent, professional and reliable videos at johnstossel.com - see for example a recent one, to explain why Black Guns Matter.

5. We are laughing at them. Humor is a highly potent weapon. When pompous asses who imagine themselves important get ridiculed, their days are numbered. Some 2022 examples:-

  • Joe and Adolf converse. Strictly this is about only one pompous ass, not the whole class of pompous asses; but it's so funny I had to ROFLOL. Two hilarious minutes in the Führerbunker.
  • Distress in Twitter as news breaks about the Musk purchase. An employee requests anxiety therapy; very credible acting by the Babylon Bee. Enjoy it here.
  • The Bee interviews Elon for 100 minutes! The billionaire is so amused by their satirical comedy that he sat down and chatted with three of their amateur comedians and comes across as a modest, thoughtful, friendly, humorous guy. Yes, with a few things yet to learn.
  • John Stossel interviews the Bee team - and there's a laugh a minute, as can be seen here.
  • Gary Newsom honored. The CA Governor restricted and locked down residents so savagely that last year there was a net migration out of the State, leavers no doubt singing "Ca-li-for-nia, Here I Go" as they went. So he was given the award shown below.

The chaos and misery that government causes would be incredible if not true and open to everyday inspection. They are formidable opponents and can be expected to obstruct peace, freedom and prosperity wherever they can. They will not vanish until everyone is so disgusted as to decline to work for them. I hope all reading this have already made that decision. If not, study TOLFA.

Meanwhile, 2022 has been a relatively good year. To borrow words from one of their most admired warmongers, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The White House issued a dire warning this week, reminding the nation that Elon's continued ownership of Twitter means they now only control 97% of the media.

"We can't overstate how dangerous this is," said Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. "Yes, we still control Facebook, Google, Apple, Instagram, YouTube, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Hollywood, TIME, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and pretty much all the rest, but we don't control Twitter. This is dangerous to democracy."


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