22A017 If You're Not Confused, You Don't
Know What's Going On
by Jim Davies, 4/26/2022


 Thanks for that title are due to Brad Pitt, whose character spoke the words in  The Devil's Own, the 1997 movie based around the chaotic violence in Northern Ireland that prevailed through the 1980s. A nice piece of Irish black humor. At this writing, it applies very well to the Ukraine War.

Prime blame for that rests on the Western media, horribly controlled by the governments in NATO, who present only the Ukrainian view of the conflict. The Russian one has been relentlessly banned, even to the extent of shutting down or hobbling Russia Today, which might be expected to present it; I watch that on-line journal daily and have been disappointed to see a very dilute version.

What is quite clear is that for years, NATO countries have been systematically trying to push Russia into a corner; bringing one Eastern European nation after another into that military alliance until they nearly surround the business end of Russia as shown in Who Aggressed?

What's far less clear is: why? Russia no longer poses any of them any threat and has rich resources of energy which it's willing and able to sell them. Trade has flourished, and could flourish more; yet swiftly and deliberately, this year that trade has been shut down. The Russian bear is being bated; and while its regular military has nothing like the strength of the Red Army in 1943-45, it has an arsenal of nukes that its government has promised to use, if needs be.

Such a defense would be suicidal if deployed, but if the RusGov is forced to calculate that it has nothing to lose, that will be the outcome. If any humans survive the conflagration, civilization will take centuries to rebuild. It's all sheer madness; yet Biden, BoJo and their pals are pouring weapons into Ukraine with every evident intention to prolong and extend the provocation. Lunacy!

So I've been wondering what possible benefit could such a foolish strategy bring, even to the NATO governments with their perverse scale of values. It's not easy.

Here's one possible guess. It is that they wish to cripple Russia so that its rulers submit to the US-led cartel of countries, who would instal in Moscow a puppet ready to do their bidding. The result may then be seen by a glance at the map; America and Europe and then Northern Asia, clear across from Petersburg to Kamchatka, would be run from Washington DC, with Japan, South Korea and Alaska bringing a kind of book-end to the alliance. The rapid development of Chinese power, the only serious threat to US dominance, would then be placed in check.

That's what could be behind all this nonsense in Ukraine. I've no proof that it's so; but it does conform to the fascist megalomania that infests every ruler everywhere. They all dream of ruling the world. This could do it, for another half century or more. At enormous risk.

Can it be stopped, so as to avert that heavy risk of nuclear annihilation? - yes, but it's very late in the day. All that's needed is that participant governments - most notably, the US one - are deprived of the resources on which they depend. That means, employees. You know someone in government? - especially perhaps someone in the State Department? Hold his or her hand, while (s)he studies the few pages of TinyURL.com/QuitGov. When hearing the complaint that it's too shallow, hold it again and introduce tolfa.us - for I know of no other way; do you? Only after they have quit their jobs will the maniacal plans of these lethal outfits collapse, leaving us free to pursue happiness.



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