21A043 "Excess Deaths": a Sub-Fable by Jim Davies, 11/9/2021  


The "official" or government narrative about the bogus Covid plague holds that it is causing an excess in the rate of death. The chart below shows a very regular rise in US deaths (consistent with a rising population) this Century until 2020, when there came a spike or bump, coinciding with the alleged pandemic. Is it true?

The size of the bump is about 15% over what might be reasonably predicted, on a base of 2.83 million - hence, about 425,000.

The narrative says these are Covid deaths, which would not have taken place without the disease.

That's false. It's a sub-fable, or chapter in the Covid fiction. It's just another gross lie, to augment the truckload of government lies - to add yet more to the Update to Huge Lie #12. Here's why.

First, check the "USA" line in the Worldometer table. The numbers change daily, but at mid-October it reported 742,000 deaths since the story began; counting from mid-February 2020 (20 months earlier) that means 390,000 for 2020. Call it 400K per year, that the CDC reported. That may be a bit low, but I don't have that table dated 12/31/2020. It's close enough for government work.

So far that compares well with the 425K excess deaths - but that's only the start of the sub-fable. We need next to look at a web page that no longer exists.

It was put up by the CDC in September 2020 - I saw it, with my own eyes - and it said that 94% of US C-19 deaths had "comorbidities" and only 6% resulted from C-19 alone. Since that month, no CDC page has made any report about US deaths from Covid alone, so its most-recent word on the subject is that 6% applies; and 6% of 400K is 24,000. Now, the Wuhan Bug may, like the straw on the camel's back, have contributed to some of the other 94% where it was merely "present", but I have no clue about the size of that contribution; therefore, the best number we have from the CDC is that Covid caused 24,000 deaths in 2020. Fewer, incidentally, than the annual flu.

So who or what caused the other (425 - 24 =) 401,000 excess deaths?

Assuming they did take place (more below) there can be only one cause: the stress and despair caused by the government's Scary Story, the CovidScam. This was indeed far from trivial, and I've been expecting some measure of bump or spike in the chart of US deaths, though not as high as 401,000. The wicked concentration of oldsters in hospices by Governors like Andrew Cuomo, suddenly depriving them of family visits and thrusting them into the care of overworked masked strangers, heavily depressed those already weakened by age and removed a big part of their will to go on living. Little wonder they succumbed early. The hysteria, uncertainty and loss of employment by younger people, as governments closed down businesses and placed everyone under house-arrest, brought a heavy toll of suicides and deaths from alcohol and other drugs. Notice: these disruptive conditions were not caused by Covid. They were caused directly by government intervention.

So the answer to the question above is: government did. Summary so far:

Caused by Covid 24,000 5.7%
Caused by government 401,000 94.3%
Total reported excess deaths 425,000 100%
Covid alone, then, is not to blame for 94.3% of these CDC-reported excess deaths, but all of the above presumes that the CDC is telling the truth. Perhaps it is! - occasionally, congenital liars do happen to speak truly. But now consider the contrary; that this sub-fable is totally false, that there were not, in reality, 425K excess deaths in 2020. Here's why that possibility is real:
Refer again to the Worldometer table, and find the column headed "Deaths per 1M pop". For the US in mid-October it read 2,225 (and remember, that includes the 94% not caused by C-19 alone.) Next find the line for China, whence the Wuhan Bug is said to have spread worldwide: the same parameter reads 3, and more accurately it's 3.22. So the CDC reported a DPM that's (2225 / 3.22 =) 691 times greater for the US than for China - for the same virus, over the same period.
Do you believe that? - if so, please send me 10% cash deposit on your bid for a bridge I'm selling in Brooklyn. FedGov is lying, or ChinGov is lying, or both are lying; and the scale of the lying is massive.

Given that degree of highly visible lying, there is nothing credible whatever about any figure the CDC may publish. Aside from the fictional-figure-fabricators in CDC Central, nobody can possibly know what is actually going on.

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