21A031 Dear Government Employee, by Jim Davies, 8/17/2021  


As often noted in this Blog, there is only one way to abolish government: so to re-educate everyone (using TOLFA or similar) that nobody will work for it. It can survive without votes, and since it can create fiat money at will, it can manage without taxes - so denying it those things won't suffice. But it cannot survive without labor. Absent grunts to keep its cumbersome machinery working, it will inevitably implode. Hence the vital task of encouraging everyone to leave government service - starting perhaps with the QuitGov site.

This vital task received a welcome and unexpected assist on July 29th from President Biden, 8% Joe himself. He is requiring 2.7 million Federal workers to get vaccinated (or submit to weekly testing.) Most of them will no doubt say "Ba-a-a" and do as they are told, but all of them are human beings with a sense, however well suppressed, that their first duty is to themselves. And some of them will be aware that the so-called vaccines available are very dangerous.

So some of them are going to Just Say No. Some of those will submit to the weekly testing instead, but there will be some portion (5%? 10%?) who will resign rather than submit to either. If it's 5%, that gives a nice 135,000 boost to the process of depriving government of workers.

Here, then, is a short open letter to all Federal employees. If you know one, please draw it to his or her attention:

Dear Government Employee,

Your CEO is requiring you to accept an injection. If you want one anyway, this letter need not detain you.

But if you don't, you have a dilemma. Suppose that one in five of your colleagues (over half a million) join you in politely refusing. What then?

Biden may have you fired. What will your Union do about that? - file a class action suit for unfair dismissal? Okay, that's one way to go.

Consider another: file an individual one, yourself - and encourage the other 500,000 to do likewise. That may tie up the government court monopoly for a hundred years or more.

During your long wait for a trial date, go ahead and get a different job, or go into business for yourself. After your case is heard and you win, you'll be entitled to back pay for the whole period.

Those million$ will nicely finance your retirement, and form a handy nest-egg for your heirs.

Your sincere friend, Jim

Now, this is no more than a useful start - a kick-off, as it were. Those who accept the suggestion to quit will be doing so on only one single basis: their right to decide what and what does and doesn't get inside their own skins. It's a perfectly good reason, but a narrow one. There is much, much more; a vast range of reasons not to work for such a loathsome organisation. Several of them appear on the QuitGov site and an in-depth appreciation can be gained only by applying the mind to a school of liberty like TOLFA. So please give your friend those links too.

Those heavy reasons to quit government work apply whether the boss mandates a vax-pass or not, and whether the outfit is Federal, State or Local.

But again, this is a useful boost. Thank you, Mr President.



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