21A028 A Heterodox Medium by Jim Davies, 7/27/2021 


A few years ago I took part in the on-line reader forum of The Guardian, but was banned from it twice for posting views the censors would not tolerate. I regard that as a great honor, a useful item for my curriculum vitae.

The Guardian does have a creditable history. In the 19th Century it supported the UK Liberal Party, which at that time was actually rather liberal; that is, it tried to rule the country with a light hand, allowing quite a lot of individual freedom. The paper was known then as the "Manchester Guardian" and did much to promote free trade both within Britain and internationally, and hence helped that country become so phenomenally wealthy by Century's end.

But then, like the Party it supported, it turned Left and ruined it all. Today it's just another socialist rag, recently trying to carve a niche for itself in the US market - hence, the forum. Its only claim to favor freedom now is the outstanding part it played, by its reporter Glenn Greenwald, in publicizing Edward Snowden's revelation in 2013 of the monstrous spying program of the NSA, well portrayed in Oliver Stone's movie Snowden.

I was far from the only writer The Guardian banned, and some of the more enterprising expellees have formed a web facility called Off-Guardian. Several times a week, they publish thoughtful articles unlikely to be found elsewhere, using the slogan "because facts really should be sacred." Take a look!

Today's edition of the ZGBlog is very short, because I cannot improve on two of them, so I'll duck out and leave you, dear reader, to enjoy them for yourself.

One is a lady's account of the difficulties she was obliged (by the BritGov) to endure when visiting her dying father in Eastern Europe; that's called An Essential Journey by Joanna Sharp, and vividly exemplifies the tyranny we may expect as the Great Reset gathers steam.

In the other, Kevin Smith explains briefly "Why I Became a Covid Denier." He reached the same conclusions that are shown here (see The Bogus Plague of 2020 and the editions to which its footnote offers links) but by a different and thoughtful route. Excellent value.

There's a third, which came to my notice after the above was drafted; C J Hopkins' report from Germany, The Approaching Storm. In case you thought the ZGBlog Society, Divided was a bit over the top, read Hopkins. He tells what's happening right now. This reader contribution illustrates the piece.

Contrarian, heterodox but well-reasoned articles like these in Off-Guardian, and for that matter this Blog itself, are not advertised or mentioned by the indoctrinators - of course not. They don't want debate, they want just supine acceptance. You and I have to hunt for them.

So... good hunting.



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