21A008 Perished from the Earth  by Jim Davies, 2/23/2021


Democracy is finished; that is the message from 2020.

Democracy was said by Churchill - correctly - to be the best of all the possible government forms, and it's had a fair trial for two or three hundred years. In 2020, the verdict came in; that, too, fails.

That proof might have arrived by another route; A F Tytler concluded that democracy "cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury." We're pretty close to that already, but as it happened in 2020 another factor did it in. All that now remains is to stop pretending.

The proof lies in the fact that one Party, the Democrats, brilliantly carried out a plan to steal the 2020 election, and did so; without leaving a trace or element of proof that could prevail in court. Recently the ZGBlog The Heist showed how; first, other countries (the EU) were brought on board so as to make the claim of a medical pandemic credible, then in September 2019 (four months before the plan was triggered) an otherwise pointless Act of Congress encouraged States to promote the idea of mail-in voting, then a suitable virus was fingered (or possibly manufactured) and the Bogus Plague got rolling, to alarm the populace and discredit the incumbent Trump.

Simultaneously almost all the major media backed Dems and scorned Trump, with the new ones (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) actually silencing opponents, blocking free speech.

Surprisingly, that part of the plan was ineffective; on 11/3/20 his popularity did not decrease but increased, from 62 million votes to 74. So then their backup plan swung into action; mailed-in votes were fabricated so as to flip the result to Biden. Proof of that? - no. That's part of the cunning, for legal proof had been cleverly concealed. In Election Proof, I named eight highly surprising factors that all need to line up to make Biden a true winner; any one of them is just credible, but all eight together are simply not. Finally the Dems succeeded in shaking loose some of the feebler Trump supporters, and by January 6th it was all over - except for the highly impressive million-person supporter rally that culminated in a well-deserved storming of the Capitol; a "symbol of democracy" from which all its reality had fled.

Democracy has been a clever way to fool people into supposing that they are not really being ruled, bullied, plundered, and enslaved - when, in fact, we are; it's a cunning way to disguise reality, to obtain the sanction of the victims. That's an important aim, for government people; because they must always remain a small minority in any society, parasites feeding off the host. It's much easier if they can persuade the host that the parasite is there only to bring it health.

But now it's ended; with enough clever planning and outright fraud, a candidate can win an election regardless of voters' wills and get away with it. Therefore there is no point in Libs or Reps or anyone else running candidates in future elections; the Dems are in power permanently. Democracy's over.

Given the universal malevolence of governments, that can't be good. In the mid 1930s the German government systematically silenced all dissent, by closing all newspapers whose owners declined to follow the Nazi line, so as to choke off any domestic impediment to its absolute rule; and we know what followed. Today Google deliberately down-grades sites it does not like, YouTube has de-platformed such excellent and popular broadcasters as Steve Molyneux, and Twitter, incredibly, canceled President Trump's own account despite its 88 million followers. That decision cannot possibly have been made for commercial reasons.

So the immediate future is bleak - and that's true for at least the EU as well as the US, for this plan greatly to increase government power is, as above, international in scope. But beyond the next few years, there is one bright spot: the fiction that "good government" can exist is shot to bits. The choice is now clearer, for everyone; malevolent government, or no government.

And we have the method ready, to point them to the latter.



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