22A015 Truth in Government by Jim Davies, 4/12/2022


Here's a supplement to the 2020 ZGBlog Twelve Huge Government Lies. The statements below were all solemnly issued by government spokesmen (or unmistakably implied by what it actually did) aided usually by its mouthpieces in the media and the classroom. At the time of issue (and some of them still, today) all were conveyed as true truth. They need little comment, so will get none. I simply list fifty, for your contemplation. The more recent come first, older ones last.

- Ukraine is an innocent target of Russian aggression
- These vaccines are safe and effective
- These are vaccines, which will immunize you against Covid
- 1/6/21 was an insurrection
- On 11/3/20, Biden won fair and square
- Infected patients need to be placed in crowded nursing homes
- Covid is a grave threat to public health
- The CIA does not wittingly spy on Americans' emails or phone calls
- The CRA was not the cause of the 2008 financial collapse
- Iraq poses a threat to Americans in America
- Iraq has WMDs
- 9/11 was planned in Baghdad, so we're invading Iraq
- 9/11 was planned in Kabul, so we're invading Afghanistan
- The purpose of the Patriot Act is to identify terrorists
- 9/11 was an unprovoked, surprise attack
- HIV is the cause of AIDS
- The Earth is cooling warming, due to man's use of fossil fuels
- The US Government is chartered to police the world
- Inflation is caused by rising prices
- JFK was killed by a lone gunman
- North Vietnam attacked the USS Maddox
- North Korea poses a threat to Americans in America
- The Israeli State has a right to Palestine
- Use of the atomic bombs was necessary
- $35 will always buy one ounce of gold
- Nazi Germany poses a threat to Americans in America
- Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked, surprise attack
- Your Social Security Number will never be used for identification
- The Depression can be cured by government intervention
- The Depression was caused by stock market greed
- Alcohol needs to be prohibited
- Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori
- The Lusitania was not carrying munitions
- Imperial Germany poses a threat to Americans in America
- The Federal Reserve is not a Central Bank
- The Income Tax is constitutional, and legally enforced
- The Anti Trust Acts are anti-trust
- Spain sunk the USS Maine, so starting the Spanish American War
- Government treatment of Native Americans was not a genocide
- The war to prevent secession was waged so as to free the slaves
- US States are not allowed to secede
- Manifest Destiny entitles us to take all of Northern Mexico by force
- The British started the 1812 War
- The US siezed Florida from Spain because of trouble from escaped slaves
- France owned, so was entitled to sell, the "Louisiana Purchase" land
- Marbury v Madison did not gut the Constitution
- The Alien & Sedition Acts did not violate Amendment One
- The US Government needs a central bank
- To ensure an efficient common defense a new layer of government is needed
- Governments exist to secure individual rights

Notice, these come from the whole history of the USA. Blatant lying is not a new thing, a modern failing. It was there from the get-go. It's a basic attribute of government. To me, the puzzle is: with that so clearly visible, why would anyone ever trust it? - why would anyone not be an anarchist?

A Happy Easter to those who believe that the Resurrection took place. Those unsure either way may be interested to read The Stone Mover.

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