22A003 Peaceful Sabotage by Jim Davies, 1/18/2022


The worldwide war so savagely waged on personal freedom during the last two years should satisfy every thinking person that the key question is not whether government should be abolished, but how. To that vital project, the QuitGov site brings a useful contribution.

TinyURL.com/QuitGov is a quick way to reach it, or one can go to TakeLifeBack.com and pick the first menu item in the Liberty Banquet.

On its own, it's far too thin to bring down government; for that, more substantial persuasion is needed such as those found in The Anarchist Alternative and of course in The On Line Freedom Academy. But it's a handy start.

Front and center, it grabs attention with the shocking banner:

So, its immediate appeal is to the conscience, to the visitor's sense of right and wrong. Everybody has one, in some measure; it may well be subdued and repressed in those working for a kriminal outfit like government, but it can be awakened.

The short home page draws attention to a second, which compares government to another organized criminal class which we call the Mafia; and the Mafia comes off a bit more honest than government. It also invites the visitor to choose his or her own job from a drop-down menu, to see in greater detail why it's dishonest.

Each of those pages emphasizes not just the moral issue but also that of self-esteem - which is also something everyone has. We all like to think well of ourselves, and life spirals down fast if we lose it.

So the net effect of reading just two or three pages on the QuitGov site is to convey a sense of unease about continuing in government employ. It will seldom motivate the reader to rush to the boss's office and hand in his notice, but it will start him thinking about doing so.

What's the point? - just this: governments depend on labor, on their employees. In a sense it even consists only of its employees. The appeals to conscience and the sense of self-worth will have little impact on the parasites enjoying six figure salaries at our expense, but all those depend on "grunts" - those doing menial tasks like handling the mail, maintaining heaters and coolers, cleaning the floors and hundreds of others.

It seems to have other dependencies: votes, perhaps (or at least a large degree of public support or tolerance) and taxes, for without money it couldn't function. But it has proven that it can manage without either or both of those; every dictatorship doesn't bother with votes anyway (or compels voting and offers candidates from only one party) and tax it can and does manage without by just printing money. Already, in fact, taxes are almost irrelevant - except for the urgent task of keeping us fearful.

Labor, though, is the one foundation it must have. It's the essential prop. Take that away, and it's finished.

So the little QuitGov site can start the sabotage going. Then, those interested will follow its link and progress to TheAnarchistAlternative.info to gain a better understanding of how this unfamiliar idea is likely to work out in practice. Then the Academy will reward some serious study with a solid foundation for free living, and provide a relentless way to bring about the needed change.

All this is free, of course, as befits the task. All it needs is your participation; draw the site to the attention of those you know who work for the enemy, and mention it on social media.

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