21A036 A Rehearsal by Jim Davies, 9/21/2021 


Right now, people in many countries are being forced to choose between their lives and their livelihoods. The Covid hysteria has enabled governments to terrorize their populations by commanding acceptance of "vaccines" that are ill tested and proving frequently lethal, and if they refuse they are fired.

Complicit in this outrage are companies, outside of direct government control, and that is a particularly dark scandal which will, I hope, damage their reputations and business revenues permanently. Clearly they are influenced by the politicians (so demonstrating the heavily Fascist nature of government) but if they had the backbone, they could resist. Far too often, they don't.

One of the outstanding advocates of peaceful resistance to the Covid tyranny, ever since the scam began, has been Allan Stevo. His many articles have called for flat refusal to wear face masks or to get jabbed, and he has provided plenty of practical advice on how to do it. His archive is here; go read a few. Take for example his piece dated 8/27/21; detailed suggestions on how a vax-refusenik can deal politely but effectively with a Human Resource director.

In his latest column of 9/18, Allan stresses the power of the individual with the courage to refuse government bullying. That alone will stop this monstrous, world-wide attack on freedom.  Spot-on!

This can all be seen as a useful preparation, for the day - not far distant - when employees of government and its contractors have to choose between the job and a re-educated conscience. The QuitGov site explains. Those folk will have learned (from TOLFA, or elsewhere) of the morally repugnant nature of all government, and realized they need to quit their jobs; yet quite often, that will lead to an initial drop in income. A tough choice, for which the present quandary provides an unintended rehearsal.

In the USA there are about 20 million working directly for government at all three levels, and another 20 million doing work in the part of an otherwise honest company which fulfills contracts with government. That choice will be a little easier for people in the latter situation; their first step will be to request a transfer within the firm, to a division that serves only non-government clients. The request will be granted when the individual is seen as a valuable member of the staff, and it will have the useful side-effect of informing managers that government contracts are a poor bargain.

As the rate of employee departure increases with time, concern will turn to panic in government HR departments, for they will be unable to stem the outflow. This is analagous to what is happening now, in the evil campaign to force everyone to get jabbed; the resistance is high and growing, so great effort is being spent to silence us anti-vaxxers; yet happily it seems that when one is "de-platformed" another, new one pops up. Very likely something similar will happen when government worker attrition rates rise out of control; the propaganda machine will be used to persuade them to stay put and contrary views will be suppressed.

Fortunately those will fail, because the motivation to quit will have been reached one by one as each TOLFA graduate introduces one friend a year to do the same, with resulting exponential growth - neither will refer to the media, which that method bypasses altogether.

Even so, each decision to quit won't be easy, because of the need to find another source of income. There's more on that in my Transition to Liberty. There's also a welcome sign already that as principled people quit jobs now rather than get jabbed, they are organizing to advertise job opportunities in firms that do not mandate jabbing; see for example the Gab-sponsored No Vax Mandate Job Board and the promotion of for-cash medical clinics that bypass the superstructure of insurance controls and mandates.

The current savage attacks on free speech, and on freedom from government jabs, will fail. So it will be in the coming stampede out of government employ.





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