21A021 Signs of Deception by Jim Davies, 6/8/2021  


Yard signs like this have sprouted like weeds during the past year, and have taken the art of political deception to a new low. They are really quite cunning, because none of the six articles of faith are deniable.

Each is easily recognized as a rallying cry on the Left, and it's only when we associate the words with the way the Left makes use of them that the lying is revealed. But for that known association, I'd have no problem placing such a sign in my own yard; they are things I believe too. But I mean by them something different; for hidden behind each statement is the unwritten assumption that government has some valid role to play in advancing the belief. That, I wholly reject.

Science is Real indeed; the word means literally "knowledge." Of course that's real, not imaginary. Everything we know is part of the real world. The phrase might refer also to the "scientific method"; that is, the intellectual discipline of observing, postulating, testing then again observing; a cycle which brings true truth ever closer and which has played a huge part in bringing our species to the high standard of technical achievement whose fruits we enjoy.

Unstated, though, in the demogoguery of the Left, is its insistence that Covid is a dangerous plague demanding heavy intrusion by government, and that all that view is in some way "scientific". It is no such thing. The belief that the Plague is other than bogus is an article of faith unsupported by reason; even the "observations" central to the scientific method are obvious falsehoods, as shown in that link. Much the same can be said of the Left's other hobgoblin: anthropogenic global warming or AGW, see for example the ZGBlog Hot or Cold?

These people are political. They'd not recognize science if they fell over it.

Women are human, so their rights are human ones. Yes, of course; whoever held a different view? Only the Left, which supposes women have some rights (presently denied, or not) which men do not. W-r-o-n-g! Each of us has one single right (self-ownership) and therefore all rights logically derived from it; we have no less, and no more, and they do not vary by gender.

Black lives matter - just as much as white, yellow, olive and brown ones; no less, and no more. Only the Left is eager to pretend that Blacks are being held down by others - but it's not true. It's just a political trick, to attract Black voters and to divide society along color lines - the old technique of Divide and Conquer, and an insidious reinstatement of segregation.

No person is illegal. Indeed not; by right, each of us is his or her exclusive self owner and the opinions of anyone else (which is all of which laws consist) have, rightly, no force or effect at all. I believe that - but the Left (and for that matter the Right and every other participant in systems that enforce laws) most certainly do not; hence, their use of this yard sign is deeply hypocritical.

Any person's actions may be illegal, immoral or both, but that doesn't make the person illegal. Contrary to political orthodoxy, every person is above the law.

Love is love, and that's a fine example of the natural Law of Identity; that a thing is what it is, that A is A. Fully agree. So let's just check what love is.

Classicists will confirm that it comes in three flavors: erotic, close friendship with a few, and a profound benevolence towards all. All three consist of emotions and actions exercised exclusively by individuals; there is no such thing as collective love.

The impossibility of collective love is especially pronounced in the case of government, at any level; because in order to be benevolent towards one set of people, it must necessarily first remove resources, by force or the threat of it, from another set. Some well-meaning bureaucrats may try to be loving, but the only way it can be done is by hurting someone else. Charity, a true expression of love, has been replaced by "entitlement," so demeaning both donor and recipient .

Love must come from within each person, or else it is not love.

While that's the fundamental reason why love and Gov are incompatible, there are others: notably the absence of loving compassion in everything Gov does. True, there are exceptions; but those always happen because its individual employee happens to be a loving person. In the normal case, consider the last encounter you had with a cop. How much love did he or she express? How about Derek Chauvin's knee, on the neck of George Floyd, or the disinterest of his colleagues? Or how about the terrible, hopeless wailing of the lady without a permission slip, shown at the 1:26:46 point in this video? Or how about the love shown by any IRS agent whom you may have encountered?

So to include "love" on a political yard sign as an attribute for government workers and supporters is an especially hypocritical lie. Politics and love belong in separate universes, and many of the Leftist preachers of "love" I've encountered are the most vicious practitioners of hate.

Diversity makes us stronger, perhaps. America is a wonderful melting-pot of different cultures and traditions and skills, and that has served it very well. There are limits; there has always been a culture clash for a while when a new set of immigrants arrived (think Irish, Jewish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese...) but all of them except the Orientals had at least a common background in the Judeo-Christian religions, and the Asians were wise enough not to thrust theirs on anyone else; but when large numbers arrive with radically different styles of life and are not shy about proclaiming it to be the One True Way, trouble may be expected.

Diverse ideas can therefore bring benefit to a market society, and have done so. Diversity for its own sake, or to turn society into a political contest where each group tries to live at the expense of others, is pure poison. Happily, in the coming zero government society that situation will be unable to arise.



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