20A041 Through the Glass of 11/3  by Jim Davies, 10/13/2020


After the Election the future may well be darker even than now, but it's dark too in the sense that it's murky, hard to tell. If the victor were Jorgensen/Cohen it would certainly get a lot brighter, but alas that is not likely to happen; nor will the FedGov volunteer to put itself out of existence, which would be the best result of all. So let's guess how things will work out otherwise.

(a) Trump/Pence win

Not at all as unlikely as recent polls suggest; the situation is more chaotic than ever and changes daily. Suppose they win a second term.

The biggest result may be a disintegration of the Democratic Party, more complete even than that of the British Labour one after Tony Blair. Behavior of its members ever since 2016 has been a daily screeching against Trump, aided by all the most powerful media, and closely resembling a nursery packed with bawling, spoiled brats. There was none of the traditional 100-day "honeymoon" when he took office; they have been relentless since Day One though have made progress only since the Bogus Plague took hold in March 2020; I think, though cannot prove, that the Dems played a big part in the worlwide panic with which it was greeted - and so I sometimes call it the "Democrat Disease."

If, after all that and the economic wreckage it has caused, the Dems cannot pull off a victory on 11/3, they may very well be crushed into powder. No tears on their account will be shed here.

Other results: Trump will continue as before, but with fewer shackles, especially if the Dems do disintegrate. He will I hope accelerate the US withdrawal from the Middle East, and hopefully from Europe and Korea too. He will probably work hard to improve relations with Russia, cancelling the Obama sanctions at last. That might include scrapping the pointless persecutions of Ed Snowden and Julian Assange. I hope that he will also see the good sense in relaxing his hostility to Iran, though if Jared Kushner remains in the White House I'm not too hopeful. He's made promises about lowering drug prices and further dismantling government control of health care, so we may see improvements there. And I hope, though am not sure, that he'll make nice again with China.

There's a huge amount else to do domestically, and DJT has instincts to do some of it; perhaps demolishing the increasingly censorious PC racket which has been busy turning universities and colleges into Marxist training camps. I hope so.

(b) HarrisBiden win

I place them that way around because it's clear that Joe Biden is past it; age has taken away his energy and clarity of thought and speech. Should he win, he'll turn over the Presidency to Kamala Harris well before 2024. So her bias and intentions are the ones to watch.

At first sight, she has a pretty face, a happy smile and a nice tan. After watching her debate Mike Pence on 10/7, I found that initial impression evaporated fast: she's a very unpleasant woman.

The adjectives "cold, abrasive and arrogant" were suggested by one commenter, and I'd add "hard." Both of the candidates are of course archist, but Pence was at least courteous, almost to a fault. Not Kamala. Whereas normal Pols try to suggest they are just like us only more so, and are therefore well fitted to "lead" us, she clearly didn't give a damn. She has a giant shoulder chip. I can imagine sharing a beer and a friendly conversation with almost any recent President, but not her. Even her natural beauty is vanishing, close up; the bloom of youth is being corrugated by a harshness of character. She may not be quite as repulsive as Hillary Clinton, but she's close.

She's also the worst possible potential President for those hoping for some relief from strictures on liberty. Should she gain power we can expect ever more socialism and ever more lock-down limits while the bogus plague remains current; though in fairness it could be that if HarrisBiden win, that will be called off on Inauguration Day. Health care may go the way of Canada, Britain and the rest of Europe, with prices paid in terms of delay as well as money. Instead of speech on campuses being freed up, political correctness will intensify. Taxes will be raised and the already monstrous size and scope of government, increased.

Her background is sinister: she was a career prosecutor in California. So her legal expertese is to do what it takes to place government's enemies in cages (so the key to Ross Ulbricht's will be thrown away.) If the accused had done actual harm to someone that's bad enough (not retribution but restitution, the proper purpose of a justice system) but half of them were people who had, like Ross, committed only a victimless crime. So we may expect even more outlawing of dissident speech. The Bill of Rights will become a distant memory.

Chances of increased freedom are therefore slim under Trump, and decidedly negative under Harris. Only Adam Kokesh had the right idea - an orderly but total abolition of the Federal Government - but the LP did not even choose him as nominee. Such is the political arena. The urgency of making use of the other method is heavily underscored by this coming election.

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