16A040 Keep Hillary Out by Jim Davies, 11/7/2016    


- of power, that is; out of the Oval Office. No genuine anarchist will endorse the current, government infested system by voting in it, but all of us have friends who insist on voting, if only as a kind of religious rite or obligation; so please encourage them to read this edition of the ZGBlog and so to exclude the most virulent enemy of liberty since FDR.

Mrs Clinton would, if elected, be unable to arrest the avalanche of movement towards a free society, for that process is already under way in a fully decentralized manner; as shown in my Transition to Liberty it is impervious to statist opposition. There is one exception: if the world's governments were to engage in nuclear war, all bets would be off and civilization would end. Hillary is so inept and blinkered by precedent that she may quite possibly cause that to happen. And if not, she would certainly make life much more uncomfortable while awaiting the inevitable evaporation of government. So please, keep her out.

I have been offering reasons on PBS' News Hour forum about why I will not be voting for her; and as there is still one more day left to decide, I thought to reproduce those reasons below. Perhaps you'll be willing to pass them around.

Here are some of the reasons why I'll not be voting for Hillary.

1. She is set to continue the insane pretense that America is entitled to police the world. This illusion has thrust us, without a shred of defensive need, into war after war after war, it is presently continuing to embroil us in the unwinnable conflict between Middle East Muslims that is certainly none of our business, and is in Syria and Ukraine bringing us into incredibly dangerous confrontation with the world's second most heavily armed nuclear power. Her foreign policy skills were demonstrated vividly in her disastrous, independent mismanagement of the Libyan affair and she must most urgently be prevented from deploying them again.

2. She is bought and paid for by the elite of Wall Street, as her erstwhile rival Bernie Sanders repeatedly observed. I don't want someone ruling any part of my life who truly represents even my peers and neighbors; one who represents primarily those living well off the labor of working Americans is doubly unacceptable.

3. She and her highly supportive husband are veterans of more than two dozen suspicious deaths [see The Clinton Body Count] suffered by close associates who turned on the couple in one way or another, yet none has been properly investigated. To lose one former colleague or lover is a misfortune, to lose a second is careless, and to lose twenty four in a row is blatantly suspicious. I suspect her of serial murder on the scale of Caligula and so want her nowhere near the Oval Office.

4. While pretending to respect the "rule of law" she has deliberately flouted the law; for example by immediately breaking a clear and solemn promise to use only the secure government communication system while Secretary of State, and by destroying thousands of emails which she knew full well were subject to preservation as evidence in a pending investigation. I don't have much respect for laws either, but I'm not running for political office. She is, and the possibility of being ruled by a flagrant hypocrite is repugnant.

5. While posing as a champion of women and their rights, she has viciously belittled Paula Jones and others with whom whom her husband had been intimate and has remained married to him, presumably to retain his name as a major assist in running for President, despite his well known multiple extramarital affairs some of which came very close, at least, to acts of rape. Again, I will not vote for a blatant hypocrite and urge all women to decide likewise.

6. Anyone can be struck by ill health, so unlike her five serious moral failings above, she may not be to blame for this sixth reason; but it matters, a great deal: I doubt that she has the stamina for the job.

Twice at least, in the last 100 years, history has been affected, badly, by a President in failing health. Wilson emerged from WW-1 unable for months to perform his duties, some of which were carried out by his unelected wife; at a time when millions of Americans were unemployed. He failed them.

Then in 1945 F D Roosevelt was supposedly managing the final stages of WW-2, but was visibly a dying man even at the Yalta conference. When Truman succeeded him, he had not even been briefed about the existence of the atom bomb, let alone about whether or not, and how, to make use of it.

Accordingly the most dreadful decision ever made in human history was made by someone wholly ill-prepared to make it; because, in part, the old President was far more sick than he and the news media admitted.

So please don't vote tomorrow. But if you must, pick the one most likely to keep Hillary out of the White House. Trump is no libertarian, but there are one or two good features of his platform and in my Take on Trump written last March, I'll modify one assessment; I think he will deal quite sensibly with foreign governments. He knows how to make deals, and it's likely he will make good ones with Russia, China and Mexico at least.

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