16A038 The Clinton Body Count by Jim Davies, 10/25/2016    


This election is getting a bit serious: at this writing, the polls say Hillary will win. Any of the candidates would be awful, but she would be by far the worst.

I'll not be voting, of course, but if any who read this do intend to vote please make my life a little less uncomfortable by picking the one most likely to keep her out of the Oval Office. Here are some stories the Hillary-friendly media have not been publishing. My thanks to the anonymous writer who compiled the list, shown below in navy blue.

Vincent Foster, who knows Rose Law Firm (Hillary's old law firm) and the Clintons' financial secrets very well, died under highly mysterious circumstances. The day before, on 7/14/93, Bill fired chief William Sessions out of the blue. Bill called a second time and commanded that Sessions leave the building immediately. The next day Foster was found dead. Normally this would have fallen under FBI jurisdiction, but the local Park Service took control of the investigation, and were inadequate for the job. A suicide note was mysteriously found 4 days later, allegedly written by Foster, but experts say it is a fake. The official autopsy left out wound on neck. The entire scene where the body was found looks fake and set up; Foster had no fingerprints on the gun, no soil on his shoes, and his hands were neatly by his side. This left-handed man had evidently shot himself with his right hand, walked 200 feet, then thrown away his glasses. Patsy Thomasson broke into Foster's safe before the body was widely known to have been found. Bill pretended on live TV at 9am he didn't know about Foster's death, despite being told earlier. Assistant AG Webster Hubbell on July 20th, 1993, concluded: "Don't believe a word you hear. It was not a suicide. It couldn't have been. . ."

Jerry Parks collected a dossier of photos on Bill Clinton, as ordered by Vince Foster. Foster was ordering Parks to conduct surveillance on Bill, allegedly for Hillary, to see how vulnerable her husband would be if he ran for President. Foster gave files to Hillary; two days later Foster was dead.

Kathleen Willey's second husband, Edward E. Willey Jr. committed suicide on November 29, 1993 -- the day she claimed Clinton's sexual misconduct against her took place.

Mary Caitrin Mahoney, a former White House intern, was found shot in July 1997.

Johnny Franklin Lawhon, who in 1998 found a copy of a cashiers' check for $27,000 to Clinton, with a box of Whitewater records, in a car trunk; he later died mysteriously.

Department of Commerce worker Ron Brown died in a plane crash, after voicing displeasure at Clinton's White House perverting point of energy swaps. Nico Josic was the ground investigator and was shot to death. It was ruled a suicide before he could be questioned.

July 1978: Susan Coleman was shot in the back of the head after allegedly becoming pregnant by Bill Clinton. Verdict: "suicide"

August 1991: Canny Cassolaro is found dead in bathtub after investigating corruption including the Clintons. Verdict: "suicide".

July 1992: C. Victor Raiser II (and son Montgomery) died in a plane crash/explosion, and Herschel Friday died in a separate plane crash/explosion, both deemed "accidents".

September 1992: Paul Tulley, Clinton campaign strategist, died from unknown causes.

December 1992: Paula Gober, speechwriter for Clinton, died in a car accident.

December 1992: Jim Wilhite, close associate of Bill, died in a skiing accident.

January 1993: Ed Cauley, former Clinton Arkansas campaign manager, died.

May 1993: John Wilson, former DC city councilman with inside knowledge of Whitewater, was found hanged in his room. Verdict: "suicide".

July 1993: Paul Wilcher, an attorney, wrote a 105 page letter to then attorney general Janet Reno, describing knowledge of the Mena, Arkansas gun-running and drug-dealing activity. He was found dead in his apartment. The coroner did not rule on the cause of death.

August 1993: Jon Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, looking for source of a suspicious $50 million transfer related to $40 million embezzlement scheme involving Whitewater and the Clintons, fell to his death from a high apartment building. Verdict: "suicide".

September 1993: Dr. Stanley Heard and Attorney Steve Dickson, family doctor for the Clintons, were killed in 2 plane crashers.

March 1994: Dr. Donald Rogers, family dentist of the Clintons, was killed in plance crash, ruled an "accident".

May 1994: Gandy Huggins, a partner in Memphis law firm investigating the Madison loan, was found dead of viral pneumonia.

July 1994: Calvin Walraven, a witness in the drugs case against Jocelyn Elders' son, died of a gun wound to head. Verdict: "suicide".

October 1994: Florence Martin, who had the PIN to bank account of $1.46 million set up for Barry Seal, was found dead of gun shot wounds to the head.

November 1996: Barbara Wise, worker at the Department of Commerce, was found dead.

Now me again: no doubt, the Clintons are innocent in several cases. The probability however that they are innocent of all 24 deaths of these troublesome associates is very low. Let's try to see how low. Assume that the probability that they are innocent of any one of these suspicious deaths is 90%; the presumption of innocence should be strong, after all, even though Bill is a proven liar who only narrowly escaped impeachment. Then, the probability that they were innocent in all 24 cases would be 0.9 to the power 24, or 8%. That is, there'd be a 92% probability that they killed at least one of them - subject of course to a thorough investigation and fair trial(s). Nero and Caligula may have a modern-day rival.

A little surfing then led me to What Really Happened, showing an even longer list of suspicious deaths of Clinton contacts, some much more recent including this year. This is the woman who may hold our fate in her hands, assisted by the First Gentleman. The urgency of the task of terminating the whole lethal charade becomes ever more obvious.










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