14A003 Mad-Dog Kerry by Jim Davies,  4/16/2014  


War.  It's the most terrible of all human activities. It has happened throughout history, again and again and again, and every time, it was arranged by governments. If there were no other reason to abolish the institution of government (and there are legion) that would suffice all on its own. War leaves dead and broken bodies, scarred minds, fatherless children, ruined widows, and shattered wealth.

The present US Secretary of State I call Mad-Dog Kerry, for in an almost unbelievable series of steps during the past year he appears to be dead set on starting another one. He has plenty of support, not just from his boss, the former community activist from Chicago, but also from much of what pretends to be the "other side" - led by John McCain, who has much more reason than most of us to hate war, having endured PoW treatment in Vietnam; yet who is Kerry's cheerleader among the Republicans. Apparently, he wants more.

It's not just an Israeli thing, as some suggest. It's true that AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has commanded such a large bloc of re-election votes as to dominate US foreign policy for most of living memory, it's government itself that routinely begins wars as a normal extension of diplomacy. If there were no Israeli State to steer US policy in the Middle East, the FedGov would find some other excuse for belligerence - in that region or some other. "War" said Ralph Bourne perceptively "is the health of the State." Always has been, ever since governments began about ten millennia ago, and always will be until they are put down as the rabid organizations they certainly are.

It's possible to detect some who profit from war... assuming the conflict is not lost, in total defeat. A large industry ("defense" contractors is the euphemism) depends upon weapons being ordered and purchased with money stolen from taxpayers; that entire industry of engineers, investors and workers depends upon government preparing for and waging war and may possibly help promote it as a business expense.

The whole military provides exciting careers for those who enjoy violence; and those people also vote. They would presumably prefer just to be kept in readiness for war, rather than to be put in harm's way; but they usually step up and honor the bargain when "their country calls." And part of the reward is the ridiculous adulation they receive back home, assuming they make it home; they get "thanked for their service"! Just incredible. They travel the world as mercenary employees of its primary bully, and are then held up as exemplary, deserving of gratitude - just as if we home-bodies had been in some kind of danger from the enemies the FedGov had been busy generating.

Above all, war is favored by those who wage it - government members themselves. To be a "war president" is the highest form of political ambition. To be able to command the people without protest or resistance gives the purest enjoyment of power - and power is what these psychopaths entered politics for in the first place. All the biggest losses of personal liberty, in this or any other society, are suffered under cover of war or preparation for war.

And so to Mad-Dog Kerry, and his master. In the last year he tried manfully to begin yet another war in the Mid-East, this time on Syria - on some pretext or other. But with deft diplomacy the Russians prevented him; they have an interest in keeping the present Syrian régime in place. Putin and Lavrov showed this amateur some expertise, so that he had to back down and allow that removal of Syria's poison gas supply would be sufficient to fend off an invasion. Kerry hasn't forgotten the humiliation.

It was followed soon enough by Russian hospitality for Edward Snowden, who had exposed so bravely the utter hypocrisy of Kerry's comrades who promised to honor Constitutional restraints but flagrantly spied upon the private conversations of scores, if not hundreds of millions of people. Stung by this insult upon injury, Kerry sent agents to boost the rumbling discontent in Ukraine against Putin's puppet Yanokovich, by very publicly distributing cookies to demonstrators in Kiev and plotting who should take charge after his overthrow.

Today, after Ukrainians in the Crimean part of the country overwhelmingly voted to leave that country and rejoin Russia, Obama-Kerry are systematically demolishing two decades of carefully built goodwill towards Russia by imposing trade sanctions and - incredibly - telling leaders of that country where they may and may not deploy tanks in their own territory, while encouraging the new Kiev government to mass troops in the East to face them, thereby denying other Ukrainians the opportunity to emulate their Crimean friends. Kerry seems determined to provoke hostility - with a nuclear adversary. If war should follow this outrageous provocation, any survivors will have no doubt of its origin.

Who would imagine that these men are the heirs of Thomas Jefferson, even members of his own political party, who advised that American foreign policy should aim at "peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none"? But then, politicians are good at coining felicitous phrases, then ignoring them. The health of the State lies not in peace, commerce and friendship (for what function, then, would government visibly serve?) but in war.

Some readers may be wondering: Well and good, but how can governments be abolished?

My answer is twofold: first, re-visit the question and make sure we agree that they really do need to be abolished - that no alternative exists, if the human race is to survive. That is certain, so the question is the most urgent that could be posed. Then secondly, explore this very page, visiting the links on its right. Notice that government will survive only for as long as people will work for it. When nobody can be found who will do that, it will vanish. Therefore, the answer is: Persuade everyone not to work for government.

The "QuitGov" site lays out that case, but is far too slender to achieve that objective on its own. Others support the case for refusing government employ, but the Freedom Academy is the one that not only delivers the needed re-education but provides a way to bring it to every member of society. If you are not participating yet, please join today.

Wars, with the misery and death they bring, will continue as long as governments do  - so it's not good enough just to keep out of their way, to pretend they don't have jurisdiction (they don't, but they will exercise it regardless) or to refuse to obey their commands, which is a noble form of suicide. None of those will cause them to evaporate. There is no choice; for all who love life, liberty and their fellow-men, to participate in that program which will cause them to evaporate is imperative, even just for self-defense.

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