11A021 Above the Law by Jim Davies, 1/21/2011    

Government people perfume their domination over us by insisting that ours is a society of "laws, not men" - to which, after debate by our representatives, we are all subject, and that nobody is above the law. It's a pleasant fairy tale.

For example, Amendment #4 guarantees freedom from government search, unless a "warrant shall issue" - meaning that someone has sworn he saw Jones hide in his barn something he apparently stole. Then alone can the fuzz invade his barn (alone) and search for that object (alone.) Ha! Even PBS Frontline, on Tuesday, seemed shocked when revealing the monstrous apparatus government has constructed, mostly since 2001, to spy on anybody and everybody. Catch its flavor here; in essence, an unlimited amount of money has been spent to record what everyone is doing, anywhere and all the time. It isn't complete yet, but what does exist is scary; it is exactly what Orwell foresaw in 1984. Titled "Are we Safer?" the main thing it failed to do was to point out that "our" own government is vastly more dangerous than some shadowy terrorist. Oh, and I didn't hear mention of Amendment #4.

For another: Article I, 8 specifies that Congress (alone) "shall have power to declare war." The FedGov has fought many since WW-II, including Korea and Vietnam, killing well over 100,000 Americans in them along with many times that number of foreigners; yet the last time Congress declared war was in 1941. They simply don't care what the law says. It's just a scrap of paper. Yes, true enough; but what's sauce for the government goose is sauce also for 300 million ganders.

For a third: half of all Federal revenue is collected directly (and I reckon about two thirds of all government revenue indirectly) with the Income Tax; it is enforced vigorously. Yet the word "income" is nowhere defined; neither in Amendment #16 that seems to authorize it, nor in any statute. Further, whereas it plainly says in the "1040 Instructions" displayed nationwide this month that nobody need file a tax return unless "liable for a tax", nobody has ever found a statute making anybody liable for one on what he earns. They are above the law, and they don't care.

These examples concern the primary government funding mechanism, the primary government function (providing "defense", ie making war) and the nature of everyone's primary contact with government (its rights to search us.) In all three, its own supreme law is flagrantly disregarded.

Some react by saying we must get the toothpaste back inside the tube; that government must be caused to obey constitutional limits. This is ludicrous. Reason shows that's impossible; if government governs, it can never be governed, that would be a flat contradiction, a violation of the meaning of "govern." Practice, over more than two centuries, has also shown it to be impossible; the US Constitution is the best attempt in history to limit government, and it has been proven over and over to have been a colossal failure.

Accordingly there is no alternative; consistent with survival of the human race, government must evaporate altogether. For how to cause that, see here.

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