10A034 Zeroizing It by Jim Davies, 10/1/2010

Very well, some may say after reading a few of these blogs; things would be vastly better if we had a zero government society, but how can we get one?

Excellent question.

Notice first what will not suffice, and at the top of the list comes violent revolution. To use violence to overthrow government would be to use its very own methods, and completely betray the principles of peaceful persuasion that would be the fabric of the free society we desire. This has happened many times in history; for example the grievances of the downtrodden poor in 1917 Russia were real enough, but the deal they got from the murderous Bolsheviks was a cure even worse than the Romanov disease. Just the same is true of the 1789 French Revolution, on which Lenin's was partly modeled. And how much better is 2010 Washington than 1775 London?

Next might be considered political campaigning, but that is almost as bad; for ballots are just bullets, in drag. To vote means to endorse the system of majority rule, and a victorious "libertarian government" (how's that for an oxymoron!) would impose "liberty" on an outvoted minority that just said it didn't want it. There is no possibility there of peace and harmony; it would be riddled by strikes and demonstrations (or worse) from Day One. Observe the 2010 riots in Greece; even a modest cut in that country's lucrative government handouts, needed to balance its budget, brought Athens to a standstill. Such is democracy.

For quite a while I thought a form of tax strike would do the job, but I had to change my mind. It's true that the biggest by far (the "income tax") is enforced without a shred of statutory authority, but it's enforced anyway; the Judicial Branch does what the Legislative Branch did not. A strike would be effective only if a growing and substantial minority took part, but no such minority is going to run the heavy risk of being imprisoned. In any case, even if one tax were somehow rendered unenforcible, government would simply replace it with another. Who can avoid a sales tax for example? Ultimately, who can avoid an inflation tax, in which governments merely print the money they want? - Yes, exactly that was done for much of the 20th Century, in "banana republics" to our South.

I can see only one way of achieving this objective, and that is for government employees to walk off the job. The prerequisite for that is of course that they all be motivated to walk off the job; and that means that they be educated about what government and freedom actually mean, along with the rest of society. When nobody will work for government, when all the "grunts" have quit, it will cease to exist; for it consists of nobody else.

Re-educating 300 million Americans is no small task, but it can certainly be done, and in quite short order. Click on the blue icon at top-right, and explore its outbound links. The process is under way.

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