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Those on the Left hurry to brand Jared Loughner a right-wing nut case, those on the Right label him a Left wing loner, both agree he may be mentally ill and government people barely suppress their glee while solemnly saying he is "anti government" - usually leaving the listener to conclude that "anarchist" is therefore a word describing someone who is violent, instead of the opposite - and who may be crazy, for good measure. The weekend has, in other words, been a field day for perverters of fact and language.

Flags were lowered to half-staff in Washington and the President led a moment of silence, for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords - who may be surprised, when she wakes up, for she wasn't dead at the time. I hope she does wake up, and regain her faculties, for she is a good-looking woman with a presumably persuasive tongue and provided she abandons that most violent institution in the world, to which she was elected, she could make a productive career as a real-estate agent, or salesman or PR expert - or perhaps as a TV anchor person.

Loughner allegedly killed nine people in Tucson, who were interested to hear what Giffords had to say. One was a Federal Judge (John Roll) and another was a girl aged nine (Christina-Taylor Green.) A fairly random set, such as might be killed any day of the week in Afghanistan by a bomb dropped by an agent of the US Congress to which Ms Giffords belonged. It's too bad none of them appear to have been armed; the gentleman who died protecting his wife clearly had time to draw a gun, had he had one, and save some lives by shooting Loughner.

Jared Loughner did accomplish one useful thing: he demonstrated again the folly of using violence to oppose government people (assuming that to have been his purpose.) The ZGBlog for October 1st last outlines how government will be abolished, and begins by stating firmly that violent revolution will "not suffice" for "To use violence to overthrow government would be to use its very own methods..." Loughner did use violence - badly directed violence at that - and all he did was to draw down scorn on those who desire an end to the vastly greater violence government uses every day. The Blog continues by saying "political campaigning... is almost as bad, for ballots are just bullets, in drag." Loughner murdered people at a political campaign, and used not arguments but real bullets.

Zeroizing It instead proposed universal re-education, and said that large task is under way and will succeed, for government will cease only when all its employees are motivated to walk off the job. The education is indispensable because all of them, like Gifford, like Laughner and probably like most of his victims, suppose that governing other people - enforcing one's will upon them, so denying them their right to control their own lives - has some useful place in civilized society. Now, that is the ultimate absurdity, the clearest expression of irrational, muddled thinking one can expect to see. Only gun-totin' crazies would believe nonsense like that.

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