10A096 Hell's Fury by Jim Davies, 12/9/2010    

Richard Pendlebury, reporting for the London Daily Mail, has done some fine spade work to uncover the story of what lies behind the Swedish government's request to the UK one to extradite Julian Assange, to answer charges of rape.

The Australian is single, somewhat famous, blond and good looking; so naturally, he attracts groupies and must handle invitations to bed like a debutante manages her dance card. While visiting Stockholm in August he received two; one from a young lady in that city whom Pendlebury calls "Sarah" and whose real name may be Anna Ardin, who suggested Assange stay at her apartment. They shared her bed at least twice and parted friends. The other was from "Jessica" who lived in Enköping, 50 km to the West; and Assange took a day trip there to bring her the pleasure desired and they, too, parted friends. Altogether, quite a neat piece of interleaved multi-tasking.

Assange didn't happen to mention Anna's name to Jessica, nor Jessica's to Anna; and we might think the omission suitably tactful. However when the two happened to meet up soon afterwards and compare notes, they each took a different view; they felt scorned, and as Shakespeare noted, that means big trouble.

Perhaps unknown to Julian, Anna has a history of leftist, feminist activism (rather common in those parts) and of taking systematic revenge when slighted by a male of our species. She even had a how-to web page up at the time, so may be a vicious little vixen. The two of them got to work, by complaining to the sex police. To their credit, they dismissed the story; not so much laughing it out of court as laughing before it ever arrived at court.

There the matter would have ended, except that someone noticed that Julian Assange was on the FedGov's hit list. The complaint was then resurrected and sits at this writing on the desk of a judge in London, who must decide whether or not to surrender Assange to the vixens as requested by Beatrice Ask (though the name refers to Ash trees, not inquisitors) who is the matronly Minister of Justice in Sweden's Moderate[ly socialist] government. We can observe that the story does not depend on Anna or Jessica being "CIA assets"; they may have been, but it hangs together well enough without that assumption - but part of the reward for making that request was, as we noted last Tuesday, that Sweden has been declared a US ally, no longer neutral. Taxpayers, clutch your pocketbooks.

Anna and Jessica may by now regret their actions, having found they are pawns in a far bigger game. Unfortunately, it may be too late. The world's governments are howling for blood, and a couple of amateur wolves are not about to stand in their way. A courageous exposer of crass government hypocrisy and malfeasance may be about to get his life devastated.

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