10A093 Sweden, Deneutralized by Jim Davies, 12/6/2010    

Part of the US payoff to the Swedish government for labeling Julian Assange as "wanted" emerged quietly late last week: the State Department has declared the country to be "no longer neutral." That was intended as a favor.

I don't think it's a favor at all, and dare say quite a lot of Swedes will agree. Governments there have been dreadful domestically for almost a century, prompting one well-renowned journalist to lament What Happened to Sweden? - for they systematically imposed a far-Left socialism that has gravely damaged a strong work ethic and produced a nation of nine million government dependents. I was appalled to read, when visiting a few years ago, a letter to the editor of the local paper begging that taxes be not reduced. The writer saw, correctly, that tax cuts lead to spending cuts and knew that would leave him worse off. Bad as things are here, I've never seen anyone ask for his taxes to be kept high.

Even so, those governments all did one thing right: they kept the country neutral, following a policy fixed in 1812 after losing Finland to Russia. Though literally surrounded by combatants, they declined to waste blood and treasure by joining the slaughterfests of WW-I and WW-II, and noisily opposed the US war in Vietnam, famously welcoming refugees from the US draft. All the while, that traditional work ethic kept living standards among the highest in the world. Neutrality has served Swedes very well, but now, by decree in D.C., it is over; and the pathetic price of this was to allege a case of rape when a certain condom allegedly broke at a critical moment. How are the mighty fallen!

The country has had a turbulent 2010. The high point came in June, with the Royal wedding of the beautiful Crown Princess Victoria, when everyone was happy. Then three investigative journalists revealed that her popular father King Carl XVI Gustaf had for years been frequenting bordellos in Stockholm, cavorting naked with bevies of delectable bimbos while arranging for a cover-up, so to speak; in one case the "club" was located right beneath the National Police Department, and was operated by shady characters with "Mafia connections." His wife Queen Sylvia apparently put up with these peccadillos while having her own troubles; she was born German and her father had collaborated with the Nazis (hard not to, admittedly) but she has actively hidden that information. Extra to all this scandal at the "top" (of a theoretically classless society) came news in September that parliamentary seats were won by a party that breaks all politically correct conventions by proposing to restrict the welfare-seeking immigration tsunami that in recent years has turned a blond and Nordic nation light brown. And now the Assange fiasco.

I wonder how soon Swedes will cease working for the absurd institution of government, so causing it to vanish. When they do, the work ethic will fast revive because there will be no other way to eat, the living standards will rocket up because no parasites will prevent it, immigrants will arrive only to enjoy freedom, not welfare; relations among the sexes will be the business of those involved and nobody else at all, and neutrality will be re-established because the disinterest of Swedes in the antics of any residual governments elsewhere will be profound.

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