22A014 Indoctrination by Jim Davies, 4/5/2022


In whatever kind of school children are instructed, they will pick up the viewpoint of the teachers. A few will resist and rebel against those perspectives, but most will just absorb them - for many years ahead. The resisters will be commended if the teacher is a genuine educator (because "education" is about leading the student out, helping him think for himself) but marginalized and penalized with poor grades if not; and that is what usually happens.

This is true everywhere. Even if taught at home, the child will certainly be affected as above by the underlying world-view of the parent teacher. If it's a religious foundation, that of the denomination (Roman, Evangelical, Jewish...) will be instilled into the student. This is inevitable, and by design; someone goes to the trouble of setting up a Lutheran academy, he wants the local kids to grow up Lutherans. And so long as attendance is by the choice of the parent (and of the maturing child) there's not much wrong in that.

Regarding Luther, he revolutionized most of Europe by ending the dominance of the Roman church, but saw in the huge task of amending the world-view of millions of parishioners a need for teaching the newly-recovered doctrines to the young; so he urgently campaigned for schools to be founded to teach them, along with other subjects - and he wanted the State to organize and fund them. That was understandable - but a big mistake.

That was not universally carried out, but two and a half centuries later, also in what became Germany, King Frederick William III of Prussia decreed that all children must attend a school and that the State must provide places. King Fred's motives had more to do with control and discipline than religion, but his became the model for the USA and most of Europe.

Even Jefferson favored government, tax-funded schools - because the American Revolution ended the era of monarchic rule and everyone needed to be taught the virtues of republicanism. Like Luther, he knew that centuries of traditional world views had to be rapidly revised, and thought that the fastest way. Again, understandable - but a big mistake.

Government schools in this country began in 1840 and for the next 80 years taught kiddies those virtues, along with the Three Rs and a religious outlook that owed plenty to the Puritanism the settlers had brought in the 1600s. So right into the 20th Century, Americans grew up mostly Protestant in general outlook; so much so that even in 1960, there was serious concern over whether J F Kennedy, a Roman Catholic, was electable. School indoctrination works.

The irony is that after about 1925, the religious part of the curriculum was inverted. Following the Scopes Trial, what had previously been forbidden (to teach evolution) became compulsory - while creationism was downgraded and in some states, prohibited. So was orthodoxy reversed, and everyone since has been schooled accordingly. What government authority wants inculcated, gets taught. The whole system is a gigantic indocrination machine.

The same happened - twice, in two decades! - in Germany. When the NSDAP took power in 1933, curricula were rewritten, textbooks censored and sometimes burned, so that the rising generation would learn what Hitler wanted. Then after 1945 the process had to be reversed, and all Nazi content erased. Whatever government authority wants inculcated, gets taught.

In the last half century, government schools have followed exactly that pattern, and because kids are forced to attend and their parents, to pay the cost, the indoctrination is dreadfully effective. In recent years, the decreed orthodoxy has become almost shrill in its Wokery; America began in 1619, Whites are evil per se, mankind is warming the planet, populations are too large, etc etc ad naus. Maybe the Three Rs can be found in there somewhere, but it's incidental.

The task of reversing all this nonsense is huge, and some will observe that The On Line Freedom Academy (TOLFA) is itself an indoctrination instrument. Yes, of course it is; a zero government society cannot begin until everyone wants and understands it, so a teaching facility is a firm prerequisite. Luther had a big job to reverse a thousand years of heresy; we have to reverse ten thousand years of mindless faith in government.

It differs from all other schools, though, in a few ways:

1. There is no fee. It costs nothing.
2. Students learn one at a time, at their own pace interactively, not in a class of 25.
3. It encourages the learner to think for himself and employ logic.
4. Rather than 3 million teachers, in its final year it will have 140 million.
5. Luther had the printing press, but we have the Internet.

If by chance you haven't enrolled, please delay no longer. Time is short.


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