22A006 Tricks in the Courtroom by Jim Davies, 2/8/2022


Long, long ago, I was stopped for revolving my car wheels at a rate which a group of people calling itself the "government of Massachussetts" did not favor. It had been on the I-90 in clear conditions, so it was perfectly safe; nobody was hurt or even present - so not even the possibility of danger was involved. But the Fuzz didn't care about that; they said only that their LAW had been broken, and that gave them a "right" to some of my property. According to their Law. Very handy, when you can steal someone's property just by writing yourself a permission slip.

In due course a piece of government paper reached my mailbox and invited me to a court hearing on a date specified, starting at 8:00 am.

From prior experience I knew that traffic court cases last all day, and that all contested ones are left until the last. So I expected mine to be called in the second part of the afternoon. Accordingly I did not stay overnight at a nearby motel but drove up after an early start and arrived around 9:00 am.

Funny thing: the courtroom was empty. Wandering the corridors brought me into contact with a lady, bespectacled and clearly connected. I asked where my busy courtroom was to be found. "Oh," she replied, "those cases were disposed of at eight o'clock. Are you a lawyer?"

"No, I'm a victim."

"That court is now closed." All my eloquent preparation was for nought.

The radar had been cleverly placed and I have no doubt that dozens of drivers had been trapped as I had been, and all were entitled to a proper hearing and - according to the Supreme Law (Amendment Six) by a jury. But apparently all had, like me, calculated that the cost of an overnight stay would exceed that of the fine, and the others had written off the loss as a cost of living in the Land of the Free. Experience had taught the highway robbers that setting a court time at 8:00 am would deter all or almost all of us, and so the heist was successful.

My simple experience was, I'm confident, typical. The "justice system" is a government monopoly, and those employed by it are naturally very familiar with how it can be made to work to their advantage; "theirs" because they are paid out of its revenues. It's a neat way to commit robbery while characterizing the robber as the hero and the robbed as the bad guy.

That will not apply in the coming Zero Government Society, because there will be no monopoly - of either courts or road ownership; if any court gets the reputation of being biased is will swiftly lose business and go belly-up. Further, there will be no "laws" to be either broken or observed. Cases will reach a court only if someone hurt or endangered - an actual victim - brings it, in the form of a suit against an aggressor; and then only if the latter declines to compensate him without adjudication by a third party. Shenanigans like that related in the sad tale above will simply not be feasible.

Does that mean that dangerous driving will go unpunished? Yes, certainly, for there will be no punishment of any kind; that's merely vengeance. But when someone is hurt by recklessness (even frightened or endangered) they will be free to claim compensation and courts will be ready to hear their claims and enforce them if found valid; the "enforcement" being the publication of the facts, if an aggressor defies a court order. He will swiftly be shunned, by all with whom he might hope to do business. That's far more effective than any penalty.

Bring it on!

Last weekend thousands of truckers were expected in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada - after its Prime Minister Trudeau had decreed that all truck drivers returning to the country from the USA must show proof of Covid vaccination. That's impossible anyway, since no such vaccines yet exist. The drivers are furious. It's possible that they will gridlock the city - and so, the federal government, causing its collapse.

The established media have done everything possible to conceal all news of what is going on - but I did find one honest source, on Feb 6th:-

Mayor Watson has, the report says, already declared the situation an "emergency" and requested CanFedGov help, and by no means all of the disaffected truckers have yet arrived. That help would be easy to provide; all they need to do is to rescind the arrogant decree. If they don't, very likely more and more streets will be impassable until the entire city - and the FedGov with it - grinds to a halt in total gridlock. Police have confiscated fuel (!) and issued threats, media have (with this exception) been silenced, even GoFundMe has refused to allow supporters to obtain money to help the drivers to eat, drink, sleep and recover some lost earnings. The battle of Ottawa is raging right now, a front line in the global war on freedom.
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