22A001 Where Will All the Bullies Go? by Jim Davies, 1/4/2022


All government people are bullies; they pursue their careers so as to enjoy power over other people, of whom the more the merrier. They love the ability to issue an edict and see hoi polloi jump to obey. They live for that.

Exceptions? Possibly, a few. Most use terms like "entering public service" as if they were sacrificing themselves for the public good, rather than wriggling into a position of ordering the public what to do; it's very deeply hypocritical. But just perhaps, there are some - in the lower levels of employ - who genuinely believe cant of that kind, and wish only to be of help. Deluded, but sincere. I cannot say there are none of that sort - but they are not the ones calling the tune.

When the happy day comes that the last government employee walks out of his office for the last time and so closes the door on the government era, what will become of these bullies? - will they somehow cease to be bullies? Will their psychopathy somehow dissolve?

As suggested in my LewRockwell article The Fix, they will be among the last to convert and quit - especially Law Enforcement people, the very teeth of the State. Some of them will do so reluctantly, seeing no practical alternative. Those may well retain their power-hungry natures.

Recall, though, how the process will happen: first, re-education because a trusted friend recommends it, eg TOLFA; then at graduation a decision to find others to do likewise, and another to quit any government job held. So the choice to walk off the job will be deliberate, motivated by a serious and well-considered change of outlook. The hard-core, reluctant leavers won't be many.

Those dregs will not be happy, in the coming zero government society. There will be no position open to them, in which to exercise authority; as a market, all interactions between people will be voluntary and any exceptions to that will become matters for its justice industry to resolve. They will be "krimes." If someone commits one and refuses to follow the resolution ordered by the court, he will get shunned. He will find it hard or even impossible to do business with anyone - for example, to sell his labor in exchange for payment of a wage. So our former bully will find it a poor fit, and if he persists he'll starve.

All that provides him with a very powerful incentive to mend his ways, to cease to be a bully, and if necessary to get psychiatric help. Really hard cases like those who enjoyed power at the top of the heap might take their own lives, like Hitler and Göbbels, or perhaps emigrate; the places they might go to (still retaining a government) will shrink rapidly, though at first there will be some.

But always, the choice and responsibility will be theirs alone. There may be lawsuits against them for damages done, but there will be no criminal accusations, nor punishment. Any hell will be of their own making. So that's where the bullies will go.


Last weekend being New Year's, I did a little ZGB housekeeping.

First, the "RECENT" icon at top-right seemed a bit of a stretch, given that some of these Blogs are now twelve years old. So I added clarification that it links to an archive. Result here.

Then the archive page itself was getting rather unwieldly so I compressed it. Now, it can all be read with just a single scroll.

While doing this I made a count: there are now 703 ZGBlogs in the archive! For fun, I took a few oldies at random and re-read them. Try it; stab a finger at the screen to pick a year, then again to pick a Blog. I found a few mistakes here and there, which goes to show that I'm not quite infallible - yet. I'll be working on that in 2022.

If you find that such perusal energizes the little gray cells, why not draw these blogs to the attention of a few friends and family members? They may form a useful alternative to the constant, putrid flow of pro-government propaganda in all the Main Stream Media.

Happy New Year!





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